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Sook-Hee (Kim Ok-vin) has spent much of her life in training. The elite school she attended trained her to be the most lethal assassin anyone has ever known. The girls who are trained there are taught to be stealth and to kill without mercy. She is brought there as a young child after witnessing the murder of her father. Being a young and impressionable girl, Sook-hee allows herself to be fueled with rage and revenge. Her driving force is to the identity of those responsible for murdering him and to take revenge. This taste for revenge leads her to being the best around but she soon realizes she must leave. Love and revenge don’t mix and she will have to choose one in order to move on with her life, the question will remain: which choice is the right one?

THE VILLAINESS offers up some sleek and imaginative action scenes but I think the main setback for the film was its’ convoluted storyline and director Byung-gil Jung’s (CONFESSION OF MURDER) decision to tell it in a non-linear fashion. This gimmick can work but in this particular instance, it didn’t feel warranted. At times it becomes such a distraction it pulls you from the film. That being said, after taking time to put pieces of the puzzle together, the film does deliver some highly imaginative and effective action sequences. From the opening POV sequence to the bus chase finale, the action is delivered on every front. Actress Kim Ok-vin is quite spellbinding in the lead role and her physical prowess is convincing.

The film doesn’t shy away from letting the audience know who inspired it. There are shades of KILL BILL and LE FEMME NIKITA scattered throughout. Jung peppers just enough of it into his film to let you know where his head is without ever veering into it feeling like ripped off moments. THE VILLAINESS isn’t perfect and has quite a few shortcomings but overall the action is top notch and there are several very affective emotional scenes as well. It works well but could have been a bit tighter. It’s still worth your time so give this one a shot when it hits physical media today from WellGo USA.