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My most anticipated movie of 2017 was The Void. To be fair, it was also my most anticipated movie since I first saw directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s crowdfunding video a couple of years back. The guys behind Bio-Cop and Manborg (and not to mention they are part of the Canadian film making collective Astron-6!!!) were making a straight horror flick that looked like a lost Carpenter 80’s gore-fest! The awkward chubby 11 year-old inside me damn near exploded. After seeing that first proof of concept trailer all those months ago I was left with nothing but staring out a rain covered window and longing for the day The Void would be released! Well my friends that day is finally upon us and I got to check out The Void in all its practical effects glory! Was all that heart wrenching longing for all those months worth it? You bet your ass it was!

The Void is bare bones when it comes to back story. This is not an insult. Jeremy and Steven start things off diving right into the shit here. I ain’t exaggerating. This flick opens with a lady getting wasted by a shotgun then burned alive. Take note film makers! If you want to grab my attention and get me off my damn phone this is how you do it! Horribly murdering a person in cold blood then setting the body on fire. While I would love for The Void to be nothing more than one horrible death after another (Holy Crap! What is wrong with me!?!?), there is a plot. Think Assault On Precinct 13, but instead of criminals breaking into a police station, we get cult members and terrifyingly disfigured blood thirsty creatures attacking a closing hospital.

Story isn’t exactly The Voids strong suit. While there are plenty of characters (who else are these hideous monsters going to use as chew toys!?!) aside from our two leads we don’t get much, if any, back story or development from any of the characters. Not a complaint, cause honestly it wasn’t needed. The cast all does a descent enough job, but the real star of the show is the special effects. The Void features some of the best on-screen effects I have seen in years. When we first are introduced to the “monster” I was 12 years old again. The disgust and fear hit me like the first time seeing John Carpenter’s The Thing. Monsters are real and Jeremy and Steven created them.

The Void is not without faults. By the time the third act hits, the chaos and insanity of the plot left me feeling lost. I wasn’t 100% sure what was going on or really why it was happening. I also didn’t really care to know. I was lost in this insane gore drench world that was crawling with deadly creatures. Much like the characters, we are thrusted into this world and nothing is spelled out for us. This only adds to the uneasy and terror of it all. The “monsters” don’t seem to abided by any set of “rules” beyond providing terror and death. When the true villain is revealed it is end of the world epicness. Think the end of Hellraiser meets The Beyond. Just like those films, you’re not sure exactly what has opened up, you just know that now that it’s open no one will ever be safe again.

The Void is my favorite movie of the year. This statement does not come lightly and it took a second view for me to come to it. I enjoyed the shit out of it the first time, but something was holding me back from going full fanboy. Maybe I had become accustomed to my horror being spelled out for me? Maybe my expectations were too high that first viewing? Who knows, but I do know that after sitting down with The Void and being absorbed by it, my love for the horror has been rejuvenated. These beautiful Canadian horror making wizards! What can’t they do!

The Void is available in select theaters and VOD right now!

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