Movie Review: The Sound & The Shadow

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File this under quirky, The Sound & The Shadows is the story of Harold a reclusive man with horrible allergies who would rather “listen” to the world than be part of it, and his new full of life tenet Ally who bond over the disappearance of a neighbor child, Pearl. Armed with Harold’s extensive army of microphones and recording equipment they decide to solve the mystery and find the young Pearl.

Using Harold’s daily recordings of the surrounding neighborhood they begin to form a timeline and theory of events, like any good mystery some lead to something while others lead to nothing. It isn’t until some of Pearl’s possessions like a stuffed bear, begin to appear magically in Harold’s home that their investigation really gets going.

Like any good cat/mouse situations, some clues lead them nowhere while others lead to more clues. Maybe it’s the dad? Or the dad’s friend? What about the creepy guy down the street? Heck, maybe it’s Harold! What does he keep the closet in his bedroom locked and a key around his neck? These are just some of the possible scenarios that play out.

A mystery is only has good as it’s detectives; Harold and Ally are a unique Ozie and Harriet pair. Both are quirky, although in different ways. Ally is the ultimate extrovert and Harold the ultimate introvert. At times I found their charms to be a bit waining but overall both are very enjoyable characters. Both are brought to life superbly by Joseph E. Murray and Mary Kate Wiles respectfully. It’s these core performances that keeps The Sound and The Shadows a float when the script drags. Writer/Director Justin Paul Miller does a solid job but I kept waiting for the big knockout punch. When the punch is finally thrown it didn’t knock me down, maybe a little dazy at best. The ending for me was a bit of let down, but maybe that’s just me.

The Sound & The Shadows is a hard one to pin down. It’s a bit Veronica Mars, a bit conversation, and a bit Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe Hipster Noir is the genre it’d best slide into…kinda in the style of Brick. I think if you give it a watch you’ll find it enjoyable. Despite not sending me to the ropes, I was entertained. The back and forth between Murray and Wiles is solid. If after watching all you figured out is that Murray and Wiles are very talented then maybe the mystery to The Sound and The Shadows is really solved.