Movie Review: Infernal

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Billy here with a review.

Infernal is a horror movie in the same vain as Rosemary’s Baby and Paranormal Activity. With a good “enough” plot, Infernal leaves the viewer with more question than answers – namely, why did the parents not leave the house at the very beginning when the whole place shook wildly; why do two parents with “dark-as-night” hair have a child with such light, blonde hair; and, how much did the producers spend on that goat-devil costume? Another big criticism, the director needs to cut down on the long pauses (this isn’t the Office, after all). Some pauses are absolutely necessary and add a certain amount of “something is about to happen”, but there were too many empty pauses that added little to the film. Also, the movie is a bit lacking in dialogue (so many f-bombs I thought the Trailer Park boys might show up).

But Infernal has its moments. Shot through a series of home video cameras set up around the house (see Paranormal Activity), the movie has an interesting twist on what her doctors believe is wrong with little Imogene (and also a twist on why the movie is shot through home video cameras).

The one-big takeaway: it is legitimately scary.

Whether it be the frightening devil laugh, the smoke coming from the attic or the parents leaving the room just before something creeps out from the shadows, Infernal had me wanting to look away, while at the same time remaining glued to the screen.

All-in-all, Infernal was a decent horror movie – only a few tweaks away from being a really good one. Infernal had me laughing one moment and jumping the next. One thing is for sure, the next time I see a six-year blonde girl asking for her brush, she’s getting her brush, and I’m getting out of there!

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