MOVIE REVIEW: The Delivery

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If you’ve ever been pregnant or with a spouse who was, than you know those nine months are terrifying enough. Those 270 plus days are filled with fear, gross anticipation, raging hormones and late night fast food runs (basically like being in high school again). Brian Netto (Director/Writer) and Adam Schindler (Producer/Writer) have discovered a way to make those nine months even more horrific. They added demonic possession. That’s some evil genius at work here.

Happily married couple Kyle (Danny Barclay) and Rachel (Laurel Vail) are expecting their first child after a couple of miscarriages. A young and happy couple both are excited and anxious about what lays ahead. A few months in the parents to be move into a new house and shortly after a series of paranormal happenings begin. These “happenings” seem focused on one thing: The Baby that Rachel is carrying! Que dramatic music and lighting!

Told via a faux documentary based off a pilot for a TLC-esque reality show ( you know the ones that follow around the pregnant couple. You know the ones your girlfriend “makes” you watch and you don’t enjoy in the least….sure), with interviews from eye witnesses worked in throughout. This is not a new approach to the world of horror films, actually it’s kind of tired approach and could have been a forgettable film if not for Netto’s ability to establish his characters and build this story to one of the most shocking endings I have seen in years. Not to many films invoke a a psychical reaction from me, but the climax of The Delivery had me jumping up like I had a crotch made of bacon and someone just released the dogs. I’m not going to go into spoilers here. Just know that I have seen a lot of messed up movies and this ending stayed with me for days.

The first 20 mins is an exact replica of a standard reality show which in its self is kinda of boring sort of the point though. Trust me when I say sitting through it is well worth it. This is an excellent tool Netto uses to introduce his characters and lay the ground work for the film: the characters. The entire film rests on the shoulders of the two leads. While Barclay plays Kyle the way any husband dealing with a pregnant wife would (SJP Life Tip #26: Never blame it on the hormones fellas. Your just asking for it.). Barclay hits the hammer on the head as the husband trying to hold it together when his wife is clearly losing it.

Speaking of the wife, Laurel Vail has the heavy lifting here. Not to speak ill of the rest of the cast ( not a bad apple in the bunch. All around solid acting) but Vail’s performance is the backbone of the film. During the first twenty minutes I almost forgot that she was an actress and just another reality show participate. Then shit gets paranormal and we slowly watch her unravel. Watching Rachel be tormented by these dark forces is a bittersweet pill to swallow. It really is heart wrenching to watch a woman try to so hard to protect her unborn child from forces no one believes is there. Geez, I am getting soft in my old age.

The Delivery is film not to be over looked. A slow burn that leads to a hell of a gut punch ending, something most horror films seem to be lacking these days. In a movie sea filled with POV, found footage and fake documentaries it would be very easy to pass this one up. Trust me when I say that this one movie you don’t want to miss.

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