MOVIE REVIEW: The Dark Tapes

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After watching The Dark Tapes, I probably won’t be sleeping well anytime soon. The film combines the popular anthology format while incorporating found-footage elements and divides it into four stories that don’t directly intersect with each other but follow the same theme of  demons and otherworldly beings. The Dark Tapes is co-directed by Michael McQuown who also wrote the script and Vincent J. Guastini, who is well-known in the industry for make-up and prosthetics on many horror films, also contributed makeup for the film.

The  starts off with the first tape of a couple finding a room at a warehouse that has cameras and a hospital bed. it then flashes back to a professor, his assistant and their friend as they conduct an experiment to show that demons exist. This particular tape goes back and forth throughout the film and ends with very terrifying results and it was this story that personally terrified me.
The second tape shows a couple in a home that was recently furnished and they start to hear thumping in the ceiling. They start to document it on a camera and when the thumping gets worse, they contact a trio of ghost hunters to investigate as they try to make contact with whatever is making the sound.
The third tape features woman and her girlfriend as the perform as cam girls for a group of viewers. As the night goes on they select one viewer for a private show and the viewer begins to notice odd occurrences with the stream. If you’re someone who watches cam performances, you’re probably not going to want to do it anymore after watching this, so find your porn elsewhere, you sick freaks
The fourth and last tape of the movie shows a woman in college who is drugged and raped at a party when her friends intervene. The next day the woman shows odd behavior and shows little reaction to the events of the night before. As time progresses, she begins to display abilities beyond normal and attacks from a being that can’t be seen. she enlists her friends to help stop the attacks.
I won’t spoil any of this movie because it’s too good for spoilers. If you’re a fan of anthologies in particular, this movie will not disappoint. Combining the elements and making each story really intense will have anyone wanting to keep watching until the end. I love the anthology format because it pushes each individual story to stand on its own and the Dark Tapes makes that happen and adding the found-footage element gives so much of the “real” factor into it.

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