MOVIE REVIEW – The Corpse of Anna Fritz

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Before I get into the review, I would like to bring up something that’s a little unprofessional. I was asked to mention that ‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ is going to be exclusive to a site called It looks like a site where you can stream movies via a monthly subscription, or individually by renting. I get why they made this request. If I started a site that was thrown into a market with Netflix as a competitor, I’d go the grassroute path and hit up smaller websites as well. That being said, I feel I need to point out that the first movie FlingFlix gave Slack Jaw Punks to promote themselves is about a bunch of guys that want to fuck a corpse.


I don’t know how businesses work, but I support this model.


So, yeah, this movie’s inciting incident is about people fucking a dead woman, there’s no way to get around that. Anna Fritz (Alba Ribas) was a well loved actress; she embodied everything that others aspire to be. Everything she wore was glamorous, her time was spent on yachts, at parties, or driving around in fast cars, and when she dated someone, it was all the world could talk about. Despite living the celebrity lifestyle, she always had time for her fans and smiled during every interview. There was something magnetic about her, a friendly, charming glow that made everyone who came in contact with her admire her as if she were the saint of Hollywood. Then she died. Now, three guys are desperate enough to see her tits that they head to the morgue. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, there’s some corpse fucking going on.


Let me explain this a bit.


When Anna died, the location of her body was not disclosed to the public in an attempt to preserve the sanctity of the corpse (fans can get real weird). This leads to an intro that is poetically chilling. While Anna’s body is being carted down the hallway to the morgue, you hear everything I listed above. This wonderful life has just came to an abrupt end and in death, all the glitz and glamour disappears and Anna becomes just another person. It’s actually a fairly intimate and introspective moment. Once the gorney comes to a stop however, the harsh, fucked up reality sets back in as Pau takes a picture of Anna’s body and sends it to his friends.

Nothing about this movie screamed necrophilia to me, so I had no idea what the story was going to be about. We had three guys and a dead body. Then the situation started to get uncomfortable and…touchy. Shit started escalating quickly. Once the characters started taking turns giving the body of Anna Fritz the ol’ Alabama family handshake, I got nervous about where this movie was heading. What was I watching? Was the entire movie going to go through the pros and cons of why someone would have sex with a dead person? Was I going to have to sit through 74 minutes of three people deconstructing how their primal urges fight against the moral framework they’ve built through family and society? Lucky for me, the penis of one of the young men magically wakes Anna up and it becomes a horror movie.

‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ falls into the style of movie that calls “Murder is the Best Solution”. If pressed for a title, you might not remember an EXACT movie off the top of your head, but I’m will to bet my last good testicle that everyone reading this has seen enough of this kind of story that they know exactly what I’m talking about. The three men are put into a fucked up situation (that’s 100% their fault) and rather than do literally ANYTHING else, they decide that, well, murder is the best solution. Actually, only one of them makes that decision. Just like the plot itself, the characters are the archetypes you probably pictured the moment you heard what trope this movie follows.

Movies like this have a good guy, a bad guy, and the one in between that fucks everything up, but doesn’t want to go through with the terrible, terrible plan set in motion by the bad guy. Let me set the scene and try to figure out who’s who. Javi and Ivan (Bernat Saumell and Cristian Valencia) visit their friend Pau (Albert Carbó) during the final hour of his shift at the hospital morgue. They are on their way to a party yet stop to see Anna because, hey, meeting a celebrity dead is just as good as meeting them alive apparently. Javi and Ivan are pushy and lay into Pau until they can see Anna. Knowing what their roles are in the movie, what do you think each character type is? Let me break it down for you (skip to next paragraph to avoid mild spoilers):

Pau: Works with dead bodies, likes to be alone, and sent a picture of a naked corpse to his friends – totally down with banging dead people, not so much with murder.


Javi: Starts off as kind of a pushy douche, but surprise (not surprise)! He’s the only one with enough morals to NOT want to murder someone and the foresight to keep his man sponge away from a decaying meat tube.


Ivan: You could probably tell from his look alone that this bootleg Zachary Quinto looking motherfucker was down with murdering people in order to keep his reputation as a regular shithead instead of a super shithead.


Now, this movie may be a big ol’ bag of tropes, but I should point out that at no time did I say any of this is bad; I just want everyone to know what you’re getting yourselves into. Hell, most of the words I’ve written don’t mean jack and/or shit since most of you pretty much got the gist of what type of movie this was from the second full paragraph (or the first, some people would probably nope the fuck out after hearing about the necrophilia). If you’re into this kind of movie, you’ll like what you’re getting yourself into. If not, then try one of the other movies that FlingFlix has to offer (see?!? I CAN do subtle plugs as well!)

‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ isn’t treading new ground or turning the genre on it’s head, but in a way thank ALL THE GODS IN EVERY PANTHEON that it’s not. Think about it, would you really want to see that movie? I don’t and I really don’t want to hear any arguments to the contrary. It’s a well made horror movie that uses a taboo situation as the inciting incident in order to make the audience uncomfortable, as well as spin well known tropes into a unique situation. If you can make it past the initial hurdle, then ‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ will not disappoint, though if you can’t, I doubt anyone will blame you.