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Currently on VOD from MarVista, TERRORDACTYL is the dinosaurs from space movie equivalent of a Sharknado/Attack Of The Block mix up tape. Set in modern-day LA, a band of hapless heroes, battles a horde of prehistoric flying dinos with everything from automatic weapons to incendiary grenades.

Directed by Don Bitters III, who did visual effects work on The Maze Runner, this B-lisiouces flick features the talents of Christopher Jone Jennings, Kevin Keator, and Bianca Haase. Fans of the Hot Tub Time Machine Series will defiantly recognize the many talents of Haase. While not as revealing has Jacob’s future girlfriend Sophie, Haase defiantly draws attention anytime she’s on-screen. Keator and Jennings do an admirable job of portraying everyday joes. Jack E. Curenton also plays a memorable role as an alcohol fueled madman vet.

Like most films in this genre, story isn’t as important to say as the monsters and fun factor. Let’s just say the story revolves around a meteor shower that’s really dino eggs and a bunch of stuff gets destroyed. While not Jurassic Park level, the winged beasts are pretty solid. The CGI has a nice old school stop motion look about. I’ve watched a ton of SYFY films and it’s better than a majority of those easily.

Enjoyable? Heck yes. While the film does, in my opinion, hold the crazy reigns too tightly and fail to produce those memorable cheese moments like a Sharknado, it is enjoyable. It’s unfortunate that the script or budget holds it back from being special. The entire time I was trying to figure out what audience do they want to see this? The gore and violence keep it grounded on TV, but there’s enough bad words to get an R. Personally, I want to see more gore! Don’t dangle a carrot in front of us, man! That said, I always give productions like this the benefit of the doubt because I know so much is out their hands and money related.

TERRORDACTYL, isn’t low-budget gold like Big Ass Spider or Battledogs, but for you creature feature fans this a solid pick. I think the effects, and the yucks will keep you interested even if you find the story lacking. Just remember it can’t be worse than the hot mess Cowboys vs Dinosaurs is, nothings that bad.

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