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Oh, Canada…

I have bathed in your purified air, gazed on your postcard landscapes, and been raptured up in your quirky kindess. I have let you put vinger, mayo, and sausage gravy on my fries. I’ve been frustrated by your limp-along speed limits, and confused with your bilingual signs. You have poured amber courage down my gullet , while I deposited Monopoly money in your gaming establishments.

Oh, Canada, how I love thee…

Now my my warm winter cap of a friend, you’ve made me chuckle with your potty-mouthed exports, the Trailer Park Boys, ah, eh, no I mean not the Trailer Park Boys…I mean the guys from Swearnet, which are the Trailer Park Boys but not them, it’s the fictional personas of the real life guys(Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, and Patrick Roach) behind TPBs; get it?

Let’s face facts, my review isn’t going to sway you one way another to VOD this flick. You’re either a fan of TPB’s off kilter brand of raucous comedy or not.
For the record, TPB is not my rum and coke. Undeniable funny, but not my go to if I need a laugh fix asap.

Warning! Celebrity cameos!

This movie contains Tom Green and Carrot Top. Green had one good month back in ’98 since then nothing. The only IMDB credit Tom Green should be getting anymore is one for craft services. Carrot Top is Carrot Top, need I say more. Oh, and it features Sebastian Bach and an unhealthy fascination with his pork and beans.

(Quick story: I met Carrot Top many moons again when I was managing a store in a mall outside of Detroit. CT came in, totally jacked! The guy is a beast. Very nice guy, signed a bunch of 420 hats (go figure) for the staff.)

Back to the review…

So our story starts with the guys fighting with their studio and in need of cash. The studio wants more TPB but they can’t because of a legal thing. The guys pitch a show where they swear while doing normal stuff. Studio’s like you can’t do that…and Swearnet is born!

In order to keep their new endeavor going they need to take out a loan from a creepy old dude and his midget brother. Needless to say this relationship goes south. To pay off the creeps and keep Swearnet alive they are forced to do dumber and dumber things to increase membership. If you’ve ever watched TPB you can imagine the depravity.

I found the back story more interesting, John Paul Tremblay along with Wells are racing in this regional off-road race. He keeps the remains of his late father encased in an action figure that races with them. I was hoping for a R-rated Smokey and Bandit, oh what could have been.

There are some very, very funny moments in this film. For the sake of you fanboys I won’t spoil them. No denying the boys are likable, and have some redeeming qualities.

This movie is dumb, but deliberately so. There is a lesson on censorship somewhere in there, but I couldn’t find or lost interest in looking for it. What’s censored now anyways? Maybe I’m in the minority but TPS doesn’t seem to have any censorship on it.  I mean “Centipede” was allowed to  be shown to the masses.  Ten to fifteen years ago this topic would have seen more relevant to me, but since the boom of the internet it seems moot.

Unless you work in a drug mill this is completely NSFW.  The trailer claims over 900 f-bombs, there’s probably more like 1,000 and an equal number of penis jokes to boot. It just seemed over the top, maybe that’s the point and I’m missing it.

For me I’ll  enjoy knowing Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, and Patrick Roach better as the Trailer Park Boys than by their fake personas on Swearnet.  I credit them for taking a chance, but the reward isn’t here.


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