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A film might not always grab your attention right out of the gate. You might even be expecting one thing and get something entirely different. After reading a description of the independent feature THE SHOOT, I was expecting it to be more of a horror thriller. Instead, it plays out more like a crime film injected with a healthy dose of humor. Husband and wife team of John Adams and Toby Poser co-directed, co-produced, and starred together in the picture. They’ve carved their way by making their films on a limited budget and proudly make their films as if it were a family affair. They’re somehow able to capture the attention of the audience with full characters and a witty story.

Tommy (John Adams) and his buddy Dougie (Sam Rodd) are struggling musicians, trying to complete a record. They’ve exhausted all of their resources and have no money to get back into the studio. Tommy’s wife Maddy (Toby Poser) works as an assistant in the world of modeling. She’s treated poorly by her boss but that doesn’t stop her from doing her best. When a loan shark sends his muscle to threaten Tommy, he grows frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t have the money to pay him back and the muscle is planning on killing his wife. While talking with Maddy and learning of her growing frustration with her job, a light goes off and a plan is born. Without her knowledge, he plans on robbing the desert photo shoot she’s working after he discovers there will be an abundance of expensive jewelry there. He enlists the help of Dougie and concocts what he feels to be a foolproof plan. No one will get hurt and the jewels will be the answer to all of his problems. It all sounded so good on paper but once they’re on the set of the photo shoot, everything goes south in the blink of an eye.

It takes a few minutes before you’re able to get idea of the tone, but once you feel the story and get a handle on the characters, it’s hard not to like THE SHOOT. It’s the type of film where you think you know where it’s going (and you’re even mostly right) but something comes from out of left field and surprises you. The cast of relative unknowns are fantastic and the humor that rises from the situations is laugh out loud. The desert location offers up some serious production value and the script by Adams couldn’t have been more tight. You won’t be blown away by THE SHOOT but I can guarantee you’ll at least have a really good time.