Movie Review: Resolution

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In the world of film it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something new and original.  Many movies simply set out to do what’s done before and tweak it slightly to make it their own.  Yet, Justin Benson’s and Aaron Moorhead’s ‘Resolution’ never strives for anything less than original and brilliant, and succeeds marvelously.

Resolution starts off with some grainy footage of Chris (Vinny Curran) doing drugs, shooting at thin air, and falling out of trees in what seems to be the middle of nowhere.  Pan out and see Michael (Peter Cilella) watching the footage on his laptop.  Michael assumes this is a cry for help from his estranged best friend and sets out to help Chris kick the habit for good.  Of course when he arrives, Chris is on his porch firing his pistol in the air while screaming at birds and UFOs in his drug-induced state.  Michael pleads with his best friend to go to rehab, but when Chris refuses, Michael handcuffs him to a pipe in order to detox for 7 days and finally commit to rehab.

What Michael doesn’t know is that he’s just chained his best friend to a place so strange you’d think it was the Twilight Zone.  Angry drug dealers looking for their money, a Native American who isn’t fond of them illegally squatting on an Indian Reservation, strange religious cult-like folk, hobos sleeping in caves, and a mysterious man in a trailer who attempts to answer it all by raising more questions.  This is all while Michael wanders the hillside searching for answers to who’s been leaving behind journals, photos, and videos for him to find.

It sounds complicated, but it plays out with surprising simplicity, and that’s what I loved about it.  On the surface it’s a buddy drug intervention film, but as the runtime increases, so does the cryptic mysticism that lies beneath.  Resolution is as much of a comment on our love of horror films as it is a horror film itself and answers just enough of the questions it raises to leave you satisfied by the film’s end.

While the cinematography and screenplay toy with your mind and leave you wondering, Curran and Cilella as Chris and Michael keep you glued to the screen throughout the movie.  They’re played out as real people with real flaws and you can’t help but root for these guys.  Their chemistry is off the charts and multiple scenes will have you laughing out loud at their banter, while others contain real emotion.

The cinematography and screenplay would have been enough to carry the film even without the great acting and chemistry of Curran and Cilella and vice versa.  Resolution combines the two and the combination breeds a highly original and entertaining film that you shouldn’t miss.

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