MOVIE REVIEW: Playing With Dolls: Havoc (2017)

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Sara Curry (Nicole Stark) has driven all the way up to her remote cabin getaway in hopes of surprising her husband Timothy (Kyle Clark) who is heading there after a business conference to do some work on it. The perfect romantic evening is all planned out until someone comes knocking on the door. A girl named Mia (Jade Ellis) appears, looking for her boyfriend named Timothy. Sparks fly when the two women face one another but it’s quickly calmed by the help working there. While the tension is building inside the cabin, a killer has escaped captivity, the ruthless Havoc. His sights are set on the cabin and the inhabitants, it’s a familiar place for him and he will stop at nothing, showing no mercy to those who may stand in his way.

PLAYING WITH DOLLS: HAVOC is the superior film to the previous entries. PLAYING WITH DOLLS (aka METAL FACE) is slow but satisfying, PLAYING WITH DOLLS: BLOODLUST delivers the gore but little drama, with HAVOC, writer/director Rene Perez seems to have perfected the formula and successfully balances the drama, story, and the bloodletting. The bloodletting is glorious, with stellar practical effects by Marcus Koch and Oliver Muller. More time is spent developing character in this one as well, you actually get a chance to feel something for them and even care about them. The movie runs at a sleek 80min and never is a moment wasted. It takes of running right at the first frame and never lets up until the credits role. I remember feeling a bit let down by the ending of both previous entries but this one is highly satisfying in every possible way. The acting in this entry is also a cut above the previous films. Even the killer, Havoc (Prisoner AYO-886) seems to be growing as a character. Sure, he’s mostly just a killing machine but he has some interesting character moments making you more curious as to what is going on behind the mask. There’s no escaping the fact these are low-budgeted slasher films, but movies like this are growing rare. It follows the formula, mixes things up a bit differently, and still delivers the goods.

Much credit goes to Rene Perez who puts so much into these films on his own. In addition to writing and directing, he produces, edits, shoots, and does the music as well. With each film he takes things up a notch and fine tunes his style, growing in the process. The scores Perez has crafted for these movies is stellar! If there was a soundtrack I would buy it, I don’t care what format it was released on. These films are nothing but a ridiculously fun thrill ride and that’s all they are meant to be. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to see a new entry in the near future.