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Damn it, Logan!

Sunday, I went out and saw Logan,I  did not look at trailers, heard chatter that it was amazing, saw promotional material, but other than that, I wanted to be surprised, I wanted to feel like I was basking in this amazing fantastic explosion of a film very loosely based off Old Man Logan by Mark Millar. So is this the best and final attempt to actually get a rendition of a hugely successful and recognizable character known as the Wolverine done right? Well…yes.

As stated Logan is roughly based off the critically acclaimed series Old Man Logan by Mark Millar, except with some differences, our story opens up with Logan (Hugh Jackman) waking up in his car by the sound of some gangsters (played by multiple Hooligans) attempting to steal his sweet car rims. Logan decides to take a brief moment to explain that it’s a bad idea and he gets shot. Then all hell breaks lose and we are thrown right into a beautiful nonhyper edited blood and gore action from our “hero” Logan.

We discover it is the year 2029, all mutants have been completely wiped out, “The Uncanny X-Men” comics exist, meaning that Logan is that retired washed up superhero who is completely irrelevant and drinks heavily in the bar. Logan takes a breather and gives us a small look into what Logan is doing with his life. He is a tired limo driver who drinks and buys pills from a hospital employee from a cranky, wheel…nevermind, seizure-induced Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart.) But when Logan, is approached by a woman known as Gabriella and a mysterious girl (Dafne Keen) gets put into his care, Logan and Xavier must buddy travel and do one final heroic deed by taking her to a place in North Dakota simply known as Eden. Oh, and they are being chased by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) the leader of a mercenary group!

Logan, without trying to sound like I am hyping it up, is almost perfect. Jackman’s final role as Wolverine is heart breaking as he holds nothing back in showing that good old James Howlett is tired and broken from all of the horrible things that he has witnessed throughout his life. Stewarts optimistic attitude towards Laura (X-23/Mysterious girl) and Logan capable of saving mutant kind, blends perfectly into the undertone of the washed up depression going on in the film.

Director James Mangold crafts a brilliant fond farewell to our lovable alcoholic raged induced superhero, the Wolverine. Logan is unlike any other superhero film, the action scenes are up close, personal and brutal, the Father/Son moments between Stewart and Jackman are depressing and heartwarming, X-23’s understanding of humanity is silly but relatable for such a young child. Do not expect to go into this movie and to see a quick action packed light story like the Avengers, that is not this type of movie, no…this is exactly how you do a story about Wolverines final moments, this is the love letter Marvel fans needed. Think Dark Knight and look at the emotional trauma and bonding experience you will receive by watching Logan. Observe and feel the feels!

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