MOVIE REVIEW: Lil’ Bub &Friendz (Tribeca Film Festival Review)

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We rarely cover documentaries on this site. Not that I don’t enjoy a good documentary, it’s just rarely do they come along with a subject matter that relates to the site. I understand that it’s also extremely rare for me to cover a documentary about a cute cat. Weird as it may be I not only sat through a feature length film about a cute cat, but I also enjoyed. I must be getting soft in my old age.

Lil’ Bub & Friendz is 65 minute film chronicling the life of Bub (no relation that I am aware of). Bub was born with a rare congenital condition (no teeth, short legs) that give him a unique/adorable appearance. Adopted by a struggling recording studio owner, Mike Bridavsky, it isn’t long after a picture posted on Pinterest, Bub and Mike are launched into the world of internet celebrity (a thing I was barely aware that existed). The film follows Bub and Mike as they head to the inaugural Cat Video Festival (yes, an entire festival dedicated to internet feline videos) and encounter other celebrity cats, cat managers (it blew my mind to find out that internet cats not only have appearances but have so many that they require management!) and even cat fans. If you really want to feel depressed about your life watch the scene where you discover Bub has groupies. I can barely get the girl at Tim Hortons to smile at me and this cat has an entourage.

As easy as it could have been the film rarely pokes fun at the subject matter. The filmmakers handle it with a laid back, fun approach that shows the owners of these animals as everyday people. Well, for the most part. With any degree of celebrity your going to have fanatics. And man does Bub have his share! Nothing to the degree of Mark David Chapman, but a small portion of the film is dedicated to one fan in particular that should definitely make Mike consider bodyguards. The sad thing is I could honestly see that happening.

I have never enjoyed cats. To be honest I don’t really understand cats or their owners. For the most part a cat is an animal that lives in your house, eats your food and then acts like you should be grateful to clean up its poop. Not my idea of a fun pet. After watching Lil Bub & Friendz I still don’t get either of them, but I’d be lying to say I didn’t buy a Lil Bub shirt and buttons. That is one damn cute cat.

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