Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

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According to the guy sitting next to me, I’m a piece of bologna, Because people who reserve media seats are nobodies…I can’t be a nobody, I’m a squid, squids aren’t nobodies…they lack the concept of. Regardless of that, since I was on my best behavior and I didn’t sink a ship, I was given the opportunity to get ahold of some pre-screening passes of  Kingsman: The Secret Service!

Keep in mind we aren’t looking at this movie as “how is it different from the book” because frankly we don’t want another League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on our hands now do we? We open up the story with a guy jumping onto a grenade to save Harry Hart (Colin Firth) life, as it turns out these are the Kingsman! Cut too the present day where we meet our main character Eggy…Gary (Taron Egerton)…which he is a troublesome sport, he high jacks cars, gets arrested and is an all around tool bag. After getting arrested, Harry bails him out because the guy who was killed by the grenade in the beginning was Garys father. This leads our main hero to start training as a legendary Kingsman and with an evil plan set in motion by the richest guy in the world…Samuel Jackson, how will the Kingsman stop him!?

The Kingsman: Secret Service I can tell you is generally different from the book, but each story has it’s own charm, the movie is a little more light hearted and comical with its scenes and it gives you more characters to work with, we also get to see what it takes to be a Kingsman in the movie rather than just briefly in the book. But I digress, really what should be mentioned is most movie adaptions aren’t as good as the books, in this case I’d say this is a rare breed and is up there along with Scott Pilgrim, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Warm Bodies where the movie is just as good as the book.

Acting wise it does appear everyone does an outstanding job keeping into character, Samuel Jackson as the villain is pretty entertaining as he keeps a lisp and eats Mcdonalds as a fancy meal, Colin Firth plays a fairly convincing yet somewhat over the top gentlemen spy, and Taron Egerton as Eggy who truthfully will go on to do great things.  Michael Cane is also in the movie as Arthur the leader of the Kingsman, but really we don’t get to see much of him..but when he is on screen he appears to be catching up with age as he just kind of seems more bored than gentlemen like, but still keeps a good performance!

In all seriousness go see the Kingsman in theaters on January 29th, 2015!