MOVIE REVIEW: Killer Party

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I seriously hate baby showers. If there was ever a party more meaningless the than a baby shower I have yet to attend. It’s a shower centered around a pregnant lady, so instantly booze is off the table. Sure, some alcohol might be present, but baby showers tend to happen early Sunday afternoons and if I have more than 7 Bud-lite Limes and start declaring my secret love of planning and attending baby showers, I’m the jerk with emotional problems! I don’t get invited to a lot of baby showers… The only thing I can think that would make a baby shower any more unbearable (or slightly bearable… depends on  your outlook…) is if an airborne virus hits the city and starts to turn everyone into blood thirsty psychopaths. Now we have a party!

Nick (Kurt Ela) is a struggling screenwriter and family man who hasn’t had work in over a year. Fortunately for him, his expecting wife, Mary (Rachel Drummond) has some success as an actress and is able to keep the family a float. Nothing will make you feel more like a provider than your pregnant wife supporting your family financially. Nick and Mary are attending a baby shower for Mary thrown by Mary’s agent with all of Nick and Mary’s friends, a hodge podge of LA stero-types (struggling actors, not so struggling actors… I imagine these 2 groups make up 90% of LA). Not long after the festivities begin, some of the guests suddenly become super aggressive and violent. Holed up in the house and terrorized by a demented party clown, Nick and crew soon realized that a virus is the cause of all the mayhem and things go from

Writer/director Alex Drummond has put everything he has into this film. I mean that literally as well as figuratively. Made on a budget of credit card debt and shit load of favors Drummond delivers a fun and (surprisingly) deep story of a guy who is met with a tremendous situation. Nick just might be the most relatable character I have seen on-screen in years. I am proud to be part of a generation of man-children that have spent the first part of our years on earth with no major challenges (not complaining, just stating a fact.) and Nick is right there with us. He has lived a life of unfulfillment (outside of the loving family!) and now has to rise to the occasion and protect his family. Kurt Ela plays the mild-mannered guy turned virus out break surviorlist so likable it’s impossible not to root for him. His performance is rooted in reality and he reacts exactly as you would think someone would who has to fight a birthday clown infected with a homicidal virus using every day kitchen appliances. You know, something we’ve all done hundreds of times…

Killer Party is a hell of a good time. As far as indie horror goes, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one this year. Drummond is able to accomplish so much and knew exactly what his limitations were and (more importantly) how to work within them. I’ve chatted it up with Alex a couple of times and he one time (off the record) told me about a certain horror name (I’m not gonna say who,but he is not a stranger to conventions…) we all know that almost starred in the flick. For whatever reason this never happened and Killer Party is all the better for it. Had that part been cast it would have destroyed the heart of what makes Killer Party so compelling. It’s a bare bones story of man struggling with what it means to be a man. That and infected psychos tearing people apart with their bare hands… That’s just the way I like my movies: serious undertones wrapped with horror comedy goodness!

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