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Will Porter (Dan Stevens) is asked by Abigail Vos (Berenice Marlohe) to be a part of history. Her corporation has developed a device which can siphon the energy from what can only be described as a carbon copy of Earth in a parallel universe, to deliver an endless supply of free energy. He’s reluctant but the offer they make him is one that can’t be refused. Thinking of how he can help his sister and nephew financially, he agrees to help. Everything appears to work as planned when launched but quickly an imbalance occurs, devastating the Echo Earth, and soon will do the same to the other one. Will has to cross over to the other side if he’s to save the planet. It won’t be easy, with an armed resistance and corporate drones on the lookout, it will be a fight, one he may not win.

I’m not always a fan of the First Person gimmick, it works for awhile but soon grows tedious. If I wanted to experience it for long periods of time I would be playing video games. KILL SWITCH smartly uses the gimmick in a way which works. Half the story is told in real-time using the gimmick, while the flashbacks explaining the story and introducing/developing characters is done traditionally. It’s a perfect mix! The story isn’t overly complicated but the movie itself is visually a marvel. Once you’re drawn into the story, the visuals are introduced, and it’s impossible to rip your eyes from the screen. Dan Stevens was the star of one of my favorite films of the last few years, THE GUEST, and once again proves why he’s a talent to keep your eyes on. Director Tim Smit cut his teeth in the visual effects arena and his experience there has carried over to his debut. The film is fast paced, exciting, and original, not just a movie but an experience, a thrill ride you can’t escape from.

KILL SWITCH needs to find an audience. It’s so rare to find a film as exciting as this and it would be a shame to see it fall into obscurity. If anything, it’s an excellent springboard for Smit who will, without question, move on to bigger projects. Don’t miss his thrilling debut and be sure to share it with everyone you know.