MOVIE REVIEW: Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket

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Cassie (Erin Stewart) survived an unthinkable massacre and now she must attend the will reading of one the victims. As difficult as it is, she feels as if it’s the closing of that horrifying chapter in her life and is ready to finally move on. Meanwhile, Merle St. James (Nick Edwards) runs the business Merle’s Girls, a traveling stripper gram. He and a few of his ladies have loaded up in the van and are heading out to do a birthday party. Junkbucket and his crazed family have headed to the city to kidnap Cassie, a gift for the deformed young man’s birthday. They all end up out in the woods where the nutty-ass family has taken residence. This is one lunatic birthday party where your junk could end up as the main course.

If for some reason this website decides to change their name, I have the perfect solution. In the film, the term “Slack Jawed Cocksuckers” is used and I’m thinking it would make a great alternative. With Troma, there’s an expectation of the type of film they release and what should be included in them. Some of those things include gore, outrageous comedy, blood, and yes, BOOBS. That’s right, there’s never a shortage of gorgeous young ladies baring their assets. In JUNK BONDS: THE RETURN OF JUNKBUCKET, there’s boobs aplenty, as well as the aforementioned gore, outrageous comedy, and blood. In fact, they one up us and show more severed cocks than most proud men can handle. I was truly impressed with the actual look of the film. It was shot wonderfully as well as featured some really good performances. There was nothing that screamed “amateurish”, it was spot on solid. The cast was incredible, everyone delivered above my expectations, especially Nick Edwards who was absolutely hysterical. I would love to see more of his character (spinoff?). There’s an abundance of practical effects that are gruesome and funny. JUNK BONDS pays homage without being a ripoff, it’s laughs are genuine. They run the spectrum of dialogue, sight gags, and physical humor. Writer/director Stephen Lange hits a homerun and JUNK BONDS is the perfect example of everything the name Troma stands for.