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After the death of his master, Wu-Lin (Yue Song) makes his way to the big city to try and move onto the next phase of his life. Nothing more than a peasant, he’s just a man who wants to make a living. He then runs into his brother (played by Xing Wu) who runs a company who supplies bodyguards. As a child, he was thrown out of the martial arts school but now he’s the one who is laughing, all the way to the bank. He sets Wu-Lin up with a job protecting the daughter of a rich businessman named Fei Fei. The two don’t get along very well until her life is threatened. Eventually she’s kidnapped and Wu-Lin will call upon his martial arts training in order to stop villainous gangsters who have her.

IRON PROTECTOR thrives in its simplicity, it’s very uncomplicated, and a welcome throwback to the martial arts films of the 70’s and early 80’s. The ads boast that there are no wires, no CGI, and is a throwback to real martial arts. For the most part, it is, however there’s still some wire work in there though it’s minimal. Yue Song is a talent martial artist and performer but I think his weak point is working behind the camera. If you want my opinion, he might be better off in the hands of a more skilled filmmaker. I admire the fact he isn’t waiting around for one to guide him, he’s learning along the way. The first half of the film is very uneven and is filled with that bizarre Chinese humor that doesn’t always translate well for Western audiences. The last forty minutes however boasts some of the impressive action scenes I’ve seen in the past year. Those moments allow Yue Song to shine and it’s evident he’s the real deal, an action star on the rise.

This is only his second feature film as a performer and as a filmmaker. He has time to learn, to grow, and in time, this guy could very well blow us all away. Just judging by those final action scenes, it’s easy to see that he’s only begun to scratch the surface of showcasing what he’s capable of. This is exciting as an action fan, being able to watch the progression of someone who is bound to become a superstar and I’m ready to grab a seat in the front row for the next one. WellGo USA is releasing the film on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 5.