MOVIE REVIEW: Indivisible

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Indivisible is the story of two twin, teenage sisters, with beautiful singing voices, looking to breakout from the derelict home life they have and seek a better  life all for themselves. This proves extremely difficult by the fact they have an overbearing father, a drugged out mother, and they are, in fact, conjoined twins.


I was extremely curious going into this movie. For starters, it is an italian language film, something I’ve never seen before. I’ve also never seen a movie about conjoined twins told in a grounded and realistic way (sorry Farrelly Brothers). The main focus of the story is Dasy. Dasy is starting to realize she is her own person and wanting to break free of her lifestyle that she is increasingly uncomfortable with. Her sister, Viola, has trouble with this notion as their conjoined nature is all they know, and she can’t understand why Daisy wants to be free of everyone.


What works the best in this movie is the relationship of the sisters. At the beginning they seem identical. They sing their big hit (the title of the film, Indivisible, because irony!), they look exactly alike, they even sing in the exact same pitch and tone, so you can’t tell either apart. Daisy is the rebel. She soon realizes there is more she wants and defies her family.


This was incredibly fascinating. We have all seen the story of the rebellious spirit who has the desire to leave there safe, comfortable life. We haven’t seen it where that person is anchored down by another living breathing person, unable to ever truly be free. These clashing personalities made the drama so much more intense and real. We all had that phase (mine was 2003 and Emo was all the rage), but we all had something in common, we were still free. We would make our decisions, good or bad, and no one was truly there to stop us.


As the film delved into more of a road trip movie, I started to lose interest a bit. It seemed like the central conflict had been put aside for this story of conjoined twins running away to have an operation that would separate them. This didn’t seem logical as these sisters have no real knowledge of the world, they have a sheltered life. They steal a phone, steal a scooter (pretty sure this was in a Farrelly Brothers movie too) and head off to Switzerland. This didn’t make much sense and the story of these sisters got lost on the way.


By the end though it won me back, with an ending I can honestly say took me back. It’s bold, dark, and it really was the only way to end things. While it was uneven a bit, especially in the middle, this is truly a gem of a movie and worth people’s time. It’s refreshing to have a grounded take on siblings that you don’t see much in film. These were real people, with real motivations and I could not be happier with the end result.