MOVIE REVIEW: Hollow Point

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Patrick Wilson is shaping up to be this generation’s Kevin Bacon. This is neither a disparaging comment on both Wilson and Bacon’s work. They are both (in my worthless opinion) fantastical actors and Bacon is still alive and turning out badass movies! Check out Jon Watt’s Cop Car for Kevin Bacon in all his Bacon-ness (I now want a BLT really bad…). Delicious sandwiches aside, my point with comparing Wilson’s work with Mr. Bacon is that when you see Wilson’s name on something it’s a safe bet you’re getting a pretty cool movie. At the very least you know Wilson will turn out a solid performance. Be it big budget ghost flicks (The Conjuring) or indie cannibal westerns (Bone Tomahawk) Wilson always seems to deliver and isn’t afraid to take a chance. That’s not to say his latest flick Hollow Point is a “risky” flick. If anything it’s straight forward crime thriller, but writer director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is able to add enough style and atmosphere to steer this ship out of straight forward and right into tense and captivating. It also stars Ian McShane, John Leguizamo and Jim Belushi. So no matter what you know you are in for some damn good acting… and Jim Belushi.

A cop being transferred back to his small home town as repercussions for screwing up is so cliché that even trying to find an original way to end this sentence is next to impossible. But Hollow Point is filled to the brim with tired clichés. The aging grizzled sheriff (Ian McShance), The young and handsome cop (Patrick Wilson), the young cops ex-lover (Lynn Collins) and the psycho bad who kills people with a machete (John Leguizamo). Okay, maybe that last one isn’t a cliché, but it really cool. The Hollow Point isn’t breaking any barriers when it comes to cop movies (See Copland for that. Stallone was fantastic in that one!) and I really don’t think that director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is trying to. He sees these tired characters and gives us exactly what we would expect and more.

What we have here is a killer ensemble cast and I can’t be alone when I say the cast alone is worth the ticket price. Ian McShane has a life time pass from me just for his turn as Al Swearengen in Deadwood, but he doesn’t have to cash that in this go-round. The hard-edged no-nonsense sheriff is done with such grace it’s almost like watching a ballet. Then of course we have Leguizamo playing a hit man for a drug cartel that uses a machete to dispatch his targets. Like a shark in the water, he is a force of nature and nothing will stop him doing what he does. I know I poked fun at Belushi up top there, but the man plays a sleazy car salesman like he was born to and does a fantastic job here. The entire cast is top-notch, but really this is Wilson’s show and he (as always) nails it.

The Hollow Point is a western noir thriller with a hell of cast. Lopez-Gallego takes a deadpan approach let’s the dry atmosphere soak into the violence and mayhem. The Hollow Point isn’t breaking any barriers, but who gives a shit!?! Solid story, heavy on the violence and top-notch acting, what more could you ask for?

The Hollow Point is available on VOD right now!

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