MOVIE REVIEW: He Never Died (2015)

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So the first time I wrote this review was last week. I had to leave my desk in order to perch myself upon the throne. I did not save my work and my laptop proceeded to update itself without saving my work. So here I am now, trying to collect my thoughts on a little film called HE NEVER DIED, starring punk legend, Henry Rollins. Rollins has appeared in numerous films over the years but nothing quite like this. He’s widely known to be someone who has no problem when it comes to speaking his mind. Seeing him play against type as well as carrying the weight of the film on his shoulders was very welcome and long overdue. Rollins rips this film to shreds by nailing every single scene he appears in. Writer/director Jason Krawczyk amazingly balances the comedy and drama throughout while keeping the excitement factor riding high.

Jack (Henry Rollins) is the sort of guy who is a loner and keeps to himself. He tries to avoid trouble by following a routine he never strays from. One day something happens that throws a wrench right into it. An ex-girlfriend calls and informs him he has a daughter who may be in trouble. He really doesn’t want to help her and he begrudginly does so. Even though he and his adult daughter have nothing in common, they do begin to bond before she’s kidnapped and Jack will have to decide if she is worth saving. The thing about that though is Jack has a bit of a problem, he just so happens to thirst for human blood and tends to feast on human flesh from time to time. Whatever his decision might be, it will affect his life forever and his routine just might have to change.

Henry Rollins will be remembered for many things but when it comes to his acting career, this is the performance that will define it. It’s most often a hilarious turn with moments of heartbreak, and anger. Rollins delivers like he has never delivered before. That’s mostly due to the fact he’s never been given the chance or the role never called for it. Jack is a very complex character and without missing a single beat, Rollins possesses the him like we’ve never seen before. The dialogue is constantly witty, the story is unique and never predictable. Jack is a character of very few words and Rollins speaks his lines as dead pan as he possibly can. Seeing how the character relates and communicates with others is fascinating and hilarious. It’s not all about humor though, there’s plenty of action and extreme violence that adds excitement to the proceedings. Since the character cannot die, when the question of his age is addressed, a deeply emotional and downright sad layer is added to the film. HE NEVER DIED may actually be on of my favorite films of 2015. Krawczyk fashions a highly original film while giving Henry Rollins the chance to shine. This is a must see picture and one you won’t want to miss.

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