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I enjoy a good horror/comedy. There are many classics in the genre and when done right, they’re amazing, beautiful things. Stoner comedies is another subgenre that, when done right, can be fantastic. So I like the idea of smashing these genres together so I had high hopes for the film HALLOWEED from director LazRael Lison but I was ultimately let down in oh so many ways.

Trent (Shannon Brown) and his step-brother Joey (Simon Rex) have gone to the local prison to witness the execution of Trent’s father (Tom Sizemore) who was a serial killer. Wanting to escape the stigma associated with being the son of a killer, the two pack what little belongings they have and move to the small, quiet town of Mooseheart. They plan on starting over, getting new jobs, and building better lives for themselves. It all looks like it could be a possibility until the bodies begin to pile up. The murders begin shortly after Trent and Joey have come to town and the locals are quick to point fingers. The only person Trent can turn to is Madison (Michelle Mueller), a suicide line operator he has quickly fallen for. With the killer on the loose, no one is safe, and who is behind the creepy baby mask, slashing their way through Mooseheart?

HALLOWEED is an empty and dull film. It tries so desperately hard to be funny but will only illicit a chuckle or two at the most. The whole film felt like that one annoying person you know. The one who always hangs around and gets on your nerves. Once in awhile they’ll say something to make you giggle but you really just want them to go the fuck away. HALLOWEED is the representation of that film and Simon Rex’s character could very much be that friend. Even with some amazing on screen talent, the movie misses every possible mark by a landslide. Tom Sizemore (TRUE ROMANCE) and Jason Mewes (CLERKS) have roles so small they do no wrong and deliver to the best of their abilities. Danny Trejo appears and he’s still Danny Trejo, plus we all know he’s in almost every film released. The one I’m scratching my head for is the inclusion of Ray Wise, one of the greatest character actors working in film and television today. He’s the highlight of the film but he doesn’t stick around long enough to save the rest of the picture. The script is ill conceived and highly unfocused so instead of pointing fingers at any particular person, it’s safe to say that HALLOWEED was just a bad idea all around. Shannon Brown and Michelle Mueller do a fine job of keeping the film afloat but it just can’t rise above being anything other than forgettable and mediocre.