MOVIE REVIEW: Ghosts of Darkness

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***Disclaimer: Spoilers to Follow***

Ghosts of Darkness follows two men who are recruited to stay in a house for three nights to debunk a legend that the house is haunted. Actor and Matt Bomer look-alike Michael Koltes stars as Jack Donovan, an investigator who despises psychics and making his film debut, British comedian Paul Flannery who stars as a Jonathan Blazer, a psychic on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Jack. The movie starts off with a woman telling her daughter, who is clearly too old to still be afraid of monsters at this point in her life that there are no monsters in her closet. Sure enough, There’s something creepy in her closet that grabs her and possesses her to murder her family before turning on herself. Afterwards our two heroes are brought in to save the day and the story goes from there.

I want to highlight both the positive and negative qualities of this movie. The production value overall is great. The various shots of the exterior of the house are creepy as is with any horror movie involving a haunted house. The movie has a couple of scenes where the shots are tilted to make scenes feel weird and confusing and I think that makes everything going on in the house unsettling. There are a couple of scenes that miss some establishing shots which can be confusing to the viewer. The practical effects in some scenes involving blood look very realistic especially in the beginning of the movie. Some scenes involving computer-generated elements look a little fake and disrupts the movie illusion.

The acting between Michael Koltes and Paul Flannery was very over the top and cheesy. Paul Flannery tries to be the comic relief but it doesn’t translate well during the film, usually coming out at inopportune times and comes across as more of an annoyance than funny. That being said, this is the film debut of someone who has more experience in the theater and live comedy. Over time, I can see his acting in film improving.

Michael Koltes however, was a weak spot in the film. His delivery of the dialog was very corny and he came across incredibly moody for most of the movie. He also went very over-the-top on his character’s lone wolf persona which conflicted badly with Paul Flannery’s goofy over-the-top character. It felt like the fighting was childish at most. While I think it was intended that the two have conflict during the movie, it doesn’t come across that way at all.
Overall the movie is watchable but seeing the characters is a cringing experience at most. The visuals are realistic and the cinematography is professional. I think movie follows a typical haunted-house-horror-movie scenario but the story does keep you wanting to watch it and see what happens in the in end. I would recommend it to any fan of horror movies who enjoys bad acting and fighting evil

Ghost of Darkness Hits VOD/Theaters March 1st

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