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It feels like the Noir film is a lost art. Sure we got Sin City (and the upcoming sequel) in recent years, but the interest just isn’t there. I can’t understand why. Murder, mystery and sex all huge selling points for me and you would think the general public would be all over them. With how popular all those “murder porn” shows are, noir flicks should be huge. I guess housewives only like their murder presented by Oprah…. Ah well,  whenever I hear of a noir flick coming out I get all sorts of nerd excited. When I caught wind of noir film starring Vinnie Jones, directed by Adam Gierasch and the SFX done by Fred Vogel I was caught hook, line and sinker. It was like Gierasch was reading from my horror movie diary….. Dammit I meant journal not diary…

Dylan White (Callum Blue) has no idea who he is. I don’t mean in a philosophical sense, the man really has amnesia and has no idea who is. He was found beating and left for dead in field and spent months in coma. After waking up he heads back into the world and makes a living working as a cook in Baton Rouge. Haunted by terrifying visions and damn graphic dreams Dylan spends his days wondering who he was and nailing his ridiculously hot girlfriend, Brandy (Ashlynn Yennie). After seeing a picture in the local paper that sparks some memories, Dylan heads to New Orleans figure out what the hell is going on.

Shortly after arriving in New Orleans Dylan learns he’s really named Jaren (and now has to cope with being named Jaren).   Turns out Jaren was a bit of dick and did some pretty awful things (dealing drugs, running brothels etc). When word gets to Jaren’s old partner, Quinn (Vinnie Jones, totally being badass, as usual) Dylan/Jaren’s past starts to catch up with him in all it’s batshit crazy mayhem.

At it’s core Fractured is a tale of redemption. Dylan is a man who has to believe that people can change. After Quinn comes crashing back into his life, Dylan learns he was involved in some pretty heinous business and now has to right his wrongs and deal with the consequences of his former life. This all sounds pretty standard and it is, until the forty-five minute mark when the film takes a left turn for supernatural town. It’s here where the audience will get divided. It’s a left hook out of no where and messes with the narrative. At first it didn’t sit comfortably with me, but I was able to accept it rather quickly and ended up enjoying this unconventional twist.

Callum Blue delivers a ‘Anthong Perkins’ quality to the character Dylan. I man who is not comfortable in his own skin and unsure about his own actions. I was on board with his quest to discover who he really is. Although when have Ashlynn Yennie walking around your apartment completely naked why the hell would you want to leave? To balance out the quiet innocence of Blue is Jones’ Quinn. Quinn is a truly sick bastard and Jones brings this twisted and evil character to life. As always when Jones is on the screen he steals the show and it’s always a blast to see him do what he does best.

Because this is a Gierasch and Anderson flick I went in expecting some pretty intense gore scenes and they do deliver here. In particular a scene with Marlena (Nicole LaLiberte) getting a new “haircut” had me gripping the arms on my chair.  Even with this intense scene,  there is only a handful of cringe worthy moments (including a scene that director Adam Gierasch dubs the “Holy Trinity” scene). The film making duo have really stepped out of their comfort zone here and tried something different.  Getting Fred Vogel and Jerami Cruise to handle the SFX is a move you would think more film makers did. Vogel and Cruise are the creators of the August Underground movies and if you seen those movies (not sure if they count as movies or not) you know why they are a solid choice.

Fractured is not a like anything Gierasch and Anderson have ever done before, yet they are comfortable here. They stay faithful to the noir/crime genre while adding their own signature to it. They created a horror film masked as noir mystery flick and did a damn nice job. Vinnie Jones plays a villain more horrific than any on-screen slasher/monster in recent years. Fractured is perfect for horror fans (like me!) who dig noir flicks and seeing Ashlynn Yennie do full frontal. Don’t worry ladies, Callum Blue drops trow also. 



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