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I have no problem saying director Joe Lynch has officially made his best film to date with EVERLY. WRONG TURN 2 was a solid start (and the best in the series) and even though we’ve only seen the producer’s cut of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, it’s still pretty badass. Each of his three feature films have been distinctly different and he can easily slither through genres. Most directors never get the luxury, they find themselves stuck doing the same thing over and over again. EVERLY is a single location action film with a female lead and he couldn’t have found a better actress to fill the shoes of his title character. Salma Hayek is so damn perfect here, she’s sexy, smart, resourceful, and can most definitely kick some serious ass.

The story is simple, Everly (Salma Hayek) is a high class call girl for the Japanese mob. After being brutalized by a group of men, she gets fed up, and kills them all. This upsets her boss so he quickly puts a bounty on her head. This bounty brings all of the top assassins out of the woodwork and they want the reward. This woman isn’t about to give up, she’s going to fight each and every one of them until she takes her dying breath if that’s what it comes to. She has a bag full of money she needs to get to her mother and young daughter before (or if) she goes. Stuck inside her apartment, wave after wave of baddies try to attack her but Everly has a determined spirit. Luck is currently on her side and at some point it may run out but she’s ready to take down as many as she possibly can before meeting her own fate.

EVERLY feels just a little bit like DIE HARD in a living room (that’s right, 90% of the film takes place there) but the comparisons end there. The story is almost inconsequential when all the other pieces have fallen into place. The main selling point is the amount of action this film crams into ninety minutes. It opens with a bang and pretty soon there are bodies flying everywhere. With the bodies comes the bloodshed and I would like to proudly announce there’s plenty of blood, guts, and body parts to keep the gorehounds at bay. The single component that drives this picture is Salma Hayek. She’s so fantastic in this picture you’ll forget all about the crummy Adam Sandler films she was in. She may kick ass with the best of them but it’s the much needed humanity and sympathy she brings to the character that seals the deal.

There are only a couple of assassins we get to spend any real time with and they couldn’t be more unique or bizarre. It doesn’t matter if we get to know much about them since they’re dispatched so quickly, it’s just really fun watching them come and go. The cinematography is gorgeous, the action choreography is original, and the finale is perfectly satisfying. EVERLY is an exquisite piece of modern action cinema and Salma Hayek is our new action queen.

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  • Geekoid

    Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a horrible rating. I thought it was fantastic. Great review. Of course, seeing Salma looking the way she does at 48 was amazing. She has the beauty and sexiness of a twenty-something.