MOVIE REVIEW: Everlasting

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 ***Disclaimer: Spoilers to Follow***

Everlasting tell the story of a high school filmmaker named Matt (Adam David) who tries to find answers surrounding the death of his girlfriend Jessie (Valentina de Angelis). The movie starts with some footage of Jessie and Matt using it as part of a senior project. He narrates who Jessie is and how she fits into his project after she died. He narrates on a trip they took when they were together and what he wished he had with her before the unexpected.
As cryptic as it gets, the movie does explain itself as it goes. The movie does an excellent job of combining cinematic shooting with documentary shooting and mixing in a narrative along the way and some scenes are so much better with a different shooting style. Another thing I liked with the movie was the different color grading of the film. For scenes flashing back it was lighter and warmer tones. For scenes in the present time, it was grey and darker and very moody which fit the story.
I think the acting between Adam David and Valentina de Angelis’s characters was well done. De Angelis’s character was a super “out there” kind of girl who likes weed and getting into really deep conversations. Adam David does a good job portraying a moody teenager who’s driven to find answers. The chemistry between the two meshed and it shows them in the pretty crappy world of being a teen and dealing with the early struggles of relationships, sex, and peer pressure.

Everlasting is also one of the last movies featuring actor Michael Massee who stars as Jessie’s killer. Massee starred in many movies and shows including “The Crow”, which was one of his earliest roles as the gang member Funboy and on “24” as mercenary Ira Gaines. The dude gives one of the creepiest performances I’ve seen in a movie and doesn’t disappoint. Its a proper sendoff to the actor who has played primarily villains throughout his career.
Overall, I think the movie fit so well in the thriller genre. The acting felt like it translated to the screen and the actors fit into their roles perfectly. The shooting and editing of the film flowed really well and made for a weird movie that will having many asking so many questions until the end.