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Oh Astron 6, you lovable, crazy Canadians! What would the world be like without you! It’s hard to say,but I do know we would be lacking in some of the coolest, over the top, low-budget masterpieces of the last decade. Before you sit down with Astron-6’s (title of Canuck film making crew that consists of Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie  Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney and Steven Kostanski) The Editor, I think you should check out their other films Father’s Day and Manborg. These movies have nothing whatsoever to do with The Editor, but they will help get you in the headspace for how these dudes roll. While you’re at it also go back and watch Dario Argento’s flicks from the 70’s (Suspira, Deep Red etc). Good, now that you’ve watch 10 plus hours of genre movies, get ready for the ultimate love letter to giallo films ever made…really I think it’s the only one ever created, but still for anymore to come they are going to have a hell of a time topping this!


The Editor tells the story of the once greatest film editor (Holy Crap! I just got the title!) the world has ever known, Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks). After a horrific on the job accident (film edited is a high risk gig, but I hear that they pull down crazy amounts of tail!) that left Ciso with four less fingers and disgraced, Ciso accepts a job working for a low-budget studio making schlocky slasher movies.  Disgraced and left with only memories of living the high life Ciso is only a shred of his former self and this starts to take a toll on not only his career, but also his life at home. Married to a once great actress and now not as great, Josphine Jordin (Paz de la Huerta), Ciso’s wavering career is putting a strain on his marriage and things only get worse when the cast of his latest production start turning up dead at the hands of a black gloved wearing killer (a staple of giallo). With a police detective sniffing around, over zealous cast members and starry-eyed film editor interns, Ciso is having a hard time keep his past in the past.  Ciso has more than a work accident to hide. He also has a dark secret that would make him the prime suspect.


The Editor is fucking hilarious. Sorry for the vulgarities (not really), but it’s best to use them when describing the movie because in a lot of ways that is just what the film is: vulgar. Not in a bad way, but in humorous way. Well if you think misogyny, homosexuality and graphic murder can be funny then you would definitely love The Editor. If that doesn’t sound like your bag you can ignore all that and focus on a beautifully shot movie  with some insane special effects. See Astron-6 includes something for the whole family…If your family is filled with horror flick nerds who have perverse sense of humors.



Giallo flicks are a weird breed. Most are home to some of the most beautifully shot movies ever filmed. They also feature some of the most frightening scenes put to celluloid. That said they feature plots that make no sense, terrible acting and over dubbing that would make 60s Godzilla’s imports look like art. Astron-6 recognizes all these aspects and clearly hold them right to their twisted hearts. The beauty of The Editor is it takes it’s self completely serious while squatting over this genre and letting loose. I know saying that Brooks and company is shitting on the genre sounds like an insult but giallo films themselves are hard to take seriously, so what better way to pay homage then just go completely over top. And man do they! Mixed matched over dubbing, insane gore and a plot that makes David Lynch’s movies look coherent, The Editor is everything we love (and hate) about those Argento flicks from decades ago.