MOVIE REVIEW: Edge of Winter

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Edge of Winter (2016)Edge of Winter, in theaters August 12, stars actors Tom Holland ( Captain America: Civil War, In the Heart of the Sea, How I Live Now) and Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop, The Killing, Run All Night) in a story about a broken father trying to connect with his kids. Why do woman try to pull families apart by moving with their successful new husband to London? Joel Kinnaman, Elliot, is desperately trying to connect with his boys while his ex-wfie and new husband go on a luxurious vacation. Elliot tries every trick in the book to impress his kids like shooting shotguns, letting them take sips of his beer, and letting them drive his car. When Bradley (Holland) loses control of the car and crashes into a snow bank, things start to go down hill.
During their impromptu camping trip Elliot learns that his ex-wife is planning on moving the kids off to London at the end of the month. This is the straw that broke the camels back. Something snaps in Elliot’s brain, and he goes into survival mode where all that matters is keeping his sons. Elliot snaps, and will not let anyone take his sons away from him. His son Bradley realizes what is going on works with his brother to escape to safety.
Edge of Winter was a slow burn, and the suspense was very dull, throwing you into the middle of a family conflict. There was little back story to Elliot’s failed marriage so the audience was left to put the pieces together. The only suspense comes when two hunters show up at the cabin that Elliot and his kids were occupying for the night. Thinking that these men would take his kids back to civilization, Elliot perceives them as a threat. Edge of Winter wasn’t a very good movie, thankfully it only runs for 89 minutes.
Edge of Winter is currently playing in select theaters and VOD.
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