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Adam (Robin Dunne) and Clint (Dan Payne) are brothers who haven’t seen each other in over fifteen years. Adam left the small town they grew up in, leaving behind all the bad memories and resentment he had of his father. Clint never left town, he took over the family business, and is raising his family there. Adam wants to lay to rest all the ill will he might feel for his brother and suggests the two go on a camping trip. Once they’re alone, they have plenty of time to talk, to learn things about their past, why they grew apart. Clint and their father always had more in common while Adam was left to books. They try to mend what was broken so many years ago but there’s something in the woods, watching their every move. They’re far out in the middle of the woods where there’s nowhere to go for help with a mysterious creature waiting to devour his prey.

DEVIL IN THE DARK isn’t really a horror movie at all. It’s more of a family drama with a pinch of the macabre thrown in. Directed by Tim Brown (THE CRADLE) and written by Carey Dickson, the film takes a character approach, developing very rich and detailed characters expertly played by Payne and Dunne who carry the film with ease. The majority of the picture it’s just the two of them and they bring the house down. Their multi-layered performances alone are your time to watch it. As great as the performances are, I still couldn’t help but find the overall experience a tad bit dull. I understand what the filmmakers were going for, they succeed, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. The scares really don’t show up until the final minutes of the film so it was a little too late for me. There are some interesting moments during the final act, things happen to really peek your interest, then the film is over. The creature has a cool look but it’s only glimpsed very briefly. The finale offers up tons of questions with no answers or payoff. Again, the film is about these two characters and their journey to try and reconnect as brothers, so the creepy stuff is just secondary. It’s a shame since I feel there’s an exciting mythology waiting to be explored. I did however get the feeling that these brother’s story is far from over. If there’s a sequel, I’ll be the first in line, until then, this is a ‘proceed with caution’, or at least go in with the mindset of it being just a drama. It really is a solid picture, it’s just not for everyone.

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