Movie Review : DESECRATED

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Duff here…

Desecrated is the latest entry into the never ending catalog of scary guy in the woods hunting and killing stupid twenty somethings over questionable motives flicks. The twist here is, the killer, is semi empathetic. He is a former soldier suffering from only PTSD, but the grief of finding his family murdered upon his return home from conflict. He channels this explosive cocktail into a rage only suppressed by murdering annoying Millennials. (See I told you he was relatable! They are just the worst!)

Warning! Man with Crossbow!

Upon returning home, our future madmen, discovers his family has been mutilated by a group of frat boys. Unable to process the loss, he instead’s executes the “youths” and digs up the remains of the slay loved ones. Then, like all sane men, places the carrions in glass Ikea jars, and surrounds them with a shrine of candles and creepy artifacts. This horrific event, is processed amazedly very well, as he goes on to open a survival training camp for tourists. He also tends to the land, and grounds for it’s owner, and that’s where our narrative begins…

A group of college kids, rich, annoying college kids, decide to take trip up to Allie’s Dad’s house in the woods for spring break. The group covers all stereotypes, both racially and socially. Allie is nervous her Dad will find out, and tells her younger sister to cover for her. There’s some backstory of the her dad being withheld a meeting with her douchee boyfriend, but it’s irrelevant.

Once at the backwoods cabin glowing in the beams of sunny California, our group is greeted by the properties curator and survivalist junkie. As fore mentioned above, he holds a mean grudge towards black frame glasses and skinny jeans. Shortly after their arrival it doesn’t take long for the booze, sex, and crossbow killing to commence.

As the bodies pile up, Allie’s dad gets wind of the dark events and decides he is a good parent after all. Unfortunately, to save his daughter, he is forced to disclose to her a secret that will break their relationship in two…..

No Spoilers, sorry.


Covering my tracks and hiding the bodies…

The film stars Haylie Duff as our reluctant heroine, Allie. (Yes we have the last name. No we’re not related. Yes she is Hillary Duff’s older sister. No I am not related to her either.) Duff is no stranger to the realm of horror with Pennhurst, Fear Island, and Backwoods under her belt. She has the pipes and looks for the making of a rather potent “scream queen”. She’s also the only character outside of the killer, and her father that aren’t completely annoying and possesses a drop of common sense. Michael Ironside plays her rich father. He literary phones in his performance, I’m not joking. Void of two screen appearances, one at the beginning, and the ending, he is only on the end of a phone call voiced over.

The real star of any psycho rampage film, is of course the killer. (Duh) Played by veteran TV actor, Gonzalo Menendez, of CSI Miami, Breaking Bad, The Event, among others fame. Gonzalo makes a terrific baddie, balancing camp and violence with ease. His and Duff’s performance help to elevate this slasher flick out of the VOD abyss.

Desecrated is a B movie with a solid overall C grade. It boasts a gold star for Gonzalo Menendez in the role of the body part hoarding, survivalist turned executioner, along with a smiley face for effort for star Haylie Duff. Far from the best in the teen/crazed manic genre, but far from the worst also. It’s being marketed as a horror, but feels closer to the suspense end of the horror spectrum. If you’re looking for a campy, slasher flick with some real world issues, Desecrated might just do it for you!