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DECAY, the latest VOD release from B-Movie distribution king Uncorked.

Rob Zabrecky, mesmerizing from start to finish, is Johnathan a unique man with serve OCD and some serious mommy issues. Johnathan’s life is a serious of routines. He must open and close the door so many times, get up and go to sleep at a certain hour, food is restricted to a limited menu. Everything most be in a specific place or order. Changes only gradual if they are to occur at all. Needless to say, Johnathan isn’t a social butterfly and friends are few. Romance of any sort is non existent. Jonathan is one lonely dude.

That is until two chicks decide to break in and jack his stuff. Their plan goes foul when Johnathan returns early from picking up junk and finds the two gals in his basement. Freaking out the chicks bolt, one makes a clean get away but the other his struck by car durning her escape. Not wanting anything to do with this noise the drive scoots leaving Jonathan with a dead body in his front yard and a decision.

Being the odd duck that is he is, Johnathan chooses to take the deceased back to his home covering up not only the hit and run but the break in. This is where it get a little weird. Johnathan not only hides the body, he becomes it’s caretaker. He dresses it, gives it bathes. It’s a bit weird and creepy. Quickly Johnathan becomes attracted to it, telling his one friend, that he’s meet someone special. Actor Rob Zabrecky, it extremely believable — honestly I not sure I’d want to be felt alone in a room with him. I wouldn’t be sure where Rob ends and Johnathan begins.

Like most unstable individuals, Johnathan’s defaults are not entirely his own. In multiple flashbacks, we see Johnathan’s mentally abusive psychotic mother. Not much is know about Hitler’s mum (actually there’s a good deal), but this is what I image she’d be like. Stage actress, Lisa Howard does a remarkable job here.

First time writer/director Joseph Wartnerchaney does a solid job to keep DECAY interesting and creep after high. I know several reviews have compared the character of Johnathan to a pre Psycho Norman Bates, and it’s hard not to. Zabrecky’s performance isn’t Anthony Perkins caliber but it’s in the same vein.

DECAY is tightly wound for three-fourths of it’s ninety-eight minute runtime, but I felt the last quarter didn’t hold my interest the previous three. Johnathan’s “relationship” like a corpse begins to DECAY (see how I worked the title in there?), and so does his feeble pysche. No spoilers so I won’t tell you what happens. I’ll just say…I knew going into the film, this would enviable happen but when it did it just felt a bit mundane. Could be me, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Not to discourage you from checking out DECAY on VOD, if you like horror with a tinge of necrophile by all means… DECAY boasts some strong performances in Zabrecky and Howard, and writer/director Wartnerchaney does plenty to warrant another shot in the chair. DECAY isn’t a great film but it’s a competent one with a lot of ick.

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