Movie Review: OUT OF THE DARK

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There’s no way in telling how something will turn out until you finish it. Maybe it all sounds cool on paper but once it’s all said and done, the end result isn’t always delicious. OUT OF THE DARK isn’t so bad when you first start to nibble on it, but once you dig in and take a big bite, it tastes like shit. It’s really a shame too, I mean they had a half cup of Stephen Rea, a half cup of Scott Speedman, and a whole quart of the naturally tasty Julia Stiles. Somehow the ingredients just didn’t mix well and the final cinematic casserole is a disaster.

Paul (Scott Speedman) and Sarah (Julia Stiles) have packed up their little family and moved to South America. Along with their young daughter Hannah (Pixie Davies), they’re ready to start their new lives in a foreign country. Sarah’s father Jordan (Stephen Rea) is retiring from his manufacturing company and she is going to take it over. They move into a beautiful new home that everyone just adores. That is until strange things begin to happen, strange noises are heard, and creepy little faces begin to appear in the bushes. At first they sort of just blow things off but eventually, these creepy little faces reveal themselves to be the ghosts of creepy little children and they want one thing: Hannah. Once she disappears, father and mother will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind the most terrifying time in their lives.

I’m thinking this summary may actually be more entertaining than the film. The script has some great ideas but ultimately director Lluis Quilez fails to deliver any shock or scares. He does however manage to bore you to tears with the lack of excitement or action. I really wanted to like the film, the cast is solid and they do the best they can with the material but in this case, their best sadly isn’t enough. With three people handling the script, you would think three heads were better than one but something just went wrong while they were patching this together. There’s a couple of decent jump scares, an interesting conclusion, but no meat to make it worth your time. Not even the ridiculously amazing Julia Stiles can save this dreck from the bottom of the barrel. The cinematography is quite beautiful and captures the flavor of the land but little else. This is a throwaway film, one you can watch while you’re doing something else more important, like wiping your own ass or something. I’m going to recommend you pass on this thing, find ANYTHING else, you’ll thank me later.

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