Movie Review: Crossing Point (2016)

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So many films claim to be based on a true story. They can use this as a selling point but in all honesty, who really cares. It’s how the story is presented on the screen that makes a successful film. CROSSING POINT, just judging by the story, is pretty cookie cutter. A guy’s girlfriend is kidnapped and he must smuggle drugs for them in order to save her life. That’s it and we’ve seen it all before. It may not offer up anything surprising, it is however assembled and structured in a way that not only makes sense, but makes it a better film. Director Daniel Zirilli can build a suspenseful film even if the story is one we all know or can guess.

Michael (Shawn Lock) and his girlfriend Olivia (Maria Gabriela de Faria) are on vacation in Baja with their friends. Everything seems to be going great and Michael is even considering popping the question. One evening while leaving their room, they get split up and Olivia is kidnapped. Michael then finds himself in a situation where he’s beaten and forced to deliver drugs for rising crime lord Mateo (Rudy Youngblood). The catch, he’s only been given twelve hours to complete the task or they’ll kill Olivia. Alone in Tijuana, Michael must immerse himself in the criminal underworld in order to get the cocaine where it needs to go, across the border, on time. While Michael is in a race to save his lady’s life, Jesus (Jacob Vargas), a tough as nails Tijuana cop, is tracking the drugs and wants to stop them before they reach the border. It’s a race against time with the life of a beautiful young woman on the line.

You can listen to the same story over and over again but it depends on how the story is told if it continues to be interesting or if it bores the shit out of you. Zirilli takes a familiar story and spices it up with an excellent cast. Shawn Lock was an interesting choice for the lead but he manages to be enigmatic enough to draw you into his character’s dilemma. For my money, Jacob Vargas was the scene stealer. I liked his character’s approach, the badass cop willing to go to any lengths to get the bad guys. His performance was intense and the film would have only benefited had they chose to focus more on him. Tom Sizemore is solid for the five to seven minutes he gets to be on the screen. Luke Goss is one of my favorite under-appreciated actors and this film will do nothing to help get his name out there. He shows up for a hot minute only to be lost in all the action.

The important thing is, CROSSING POINT is very entertaining. The cast elevates the material and the director knows how to corral you in. The action moves the story along even though you’ll see the plot twists coming a mile away. This is a solid action thriller that’s currently available on demand.