Movie Review: CAUGHT

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The women scorned turned psycho is growing and fantastic genre…who doesn’t love Glen Close in Fatal Attraction? Or Thelma and Louise? I mean they’re nuts, but hot right?

This genre is especially juicy when you deal in jilted wives sub genre who take revenge on their cheating husbands. Every chick I know loves these movies, cause the guy usually gets his comeuppance in an usual embracing or painful way by the end. If the wife doesn’t off him it’s someone else…remember Carlo Rizzi in the Godfather?

CAUGHT from director Maggie Kiley (Dial A Prayer) is the latest entry into this lady favorite sub genre. The film stars Anna Camp, Stephanie Scott, Amelia Rose Blaire, and Sam Page hits VOD this weekend.

The revolves a young wife, Sabrina, (Camp) who finds out her husband, Justin, (Page) is cheating on her with a high-school waitress, Allie, (Scott). Camp convinces her sister Paige (Blaire) to kidnap Allie after work and hold her captive in her and Justin’s attic. Paige plays along after she’s convinced by a hell-bent Sabrina.

Sabrina is planning to reveal her surprise gift to an unsuspecting Justin. Thus servicing him a fat slice of humble pie.

Sadly for Sabrina, the ‘prank’ unravels when Allie breaks free in the attic. While looking for an escape, Allie is injured in a tussle. This plunges Sabrina deeper down the rabbit hole and all she finds are thoughts of murder.


This films are only as good as the villain and the victim, the cat and the mouse. For their parts Camp and Scott are extremely watchable. Anna Camp(Pitch Perfect, True Blood) plays icy so well, even the most stuck up sorority sister would give respect. Camp is proving she can be likable in almost any role. After Scott’s turn in Insidious: Chapter 3 we all know she can look terrified and has the making of scream queen.

Kiley’s direction is solid and you can see she’s growing as a director (I was lucky enough to chat with her last year), but CAUGHT’s script held her back I felt. Too often the lines felt rehashed and it lacked that stand out moment. Also, I’m not sure how many more time Sam Page can play the douchebag husband—he’s always that guy. Another miss was Amelia Rose Blaire (great in True Blood) character I felt besides giving plot details and getting in the way I didn’t really get while she was there. Without her I think Sabrina’s drive to crazy would’ve been more fun…but hey that’s just me.

Bottomline, CAUGHT has a ton of great talent and Director Maggie Kiley is continuing to impress, but some of the boiler plate plot points held it back in my opinion. The recommendation is; fans of Camp and Scott will really like this, also those who dig the genre. But if you’re a crappy husband or boyfriend–don’t rent this with your lady.