Movie Review: Cannon Fodder

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Unless you’re living under a rock (most likely hiding from zombies), you’ve probably noticed zombies are everywhere these days.  The Walking Dead has turned even the most casual non-horror fan into zombie lovers and hit movies like Zombieland and Warm Bodies have turned zombies into comedic and even lovable undead killers.  Apparently Israel has caught the case of zombie fever as well with Cannon Fodder, an indie action-zombie film.

We meet our protagonist, Doron, who has to leave his wife on honeymoon in order to carry out one final black-ops type mission.  Doron is put in charge of three macho soldiers and must cross enemy lines to capture one of the enemy’s leaders.  Things aren’t that simple, of course, and soon dead bodies litter their pathway and zombies threaten their existence.

It’s interesting seeing another country tackle a genre that we hold so near and dear here in the states.  Another perspective is always welcome, and when thinking about the conflict in the Middle East, it’s no surprise they went for the military-zombie take here in Cannon Fodder.  Cannon Fodder is a nice throwback to action films of the 80’s and despite its obviously low budget, the blood is plentiful but not too over-the-top.  The thing I found most surprising was the acting.  That’s the one aspect where most indie films suffer, but Cannon Fodder featured superb acting and all of the actors played off each other well and felt very real.  The three macho soldier types supplied some comedy joking with each other as well which was nice to bring a change of pace to the seriousness of it all.

I had never seen an Israeli film before Cannon Fodder, and I have to say I’d like to see more of what the country has to offer.  There’s also a message of peace underneath all of the zombie action which is nice to see director Eitan Gafny add some depth to the film.  Cannon Fodder is a film that can be appreciated by action and zombie fans alike.

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