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Three career criminals (Adrien Brody, Rory Culkin, and John Malkovich) have just pulled off a major heist. Things have sort of gone south and they need to get out of sight. They have a bit of an accident with their car but it’s off the beaten path and there is a huge warehouse they can seek safety in. Despite having their own personal issues with one another, things could be a whole lot worse. They might think they’re safe where they are at but they’re not the only ones there. Something else is inside there with them, a dog. Not just any dog, a dog with a thirst for blood. In order for them to get out alive they will have to use their intelligence in order to outsmart the insane mutt.

BULLET HEAD wasn’t anything like I was expecting. With the title and actors involved, I was thinking it would be more of an action/crime thriller. This was more geared toward a horror film audience but for me it moved far too slow. It’s a decent film, I would even go so far as to say it was good, but there was something lacking in the overall presentation. The film plays out a bit like RESERVIOR DOGS mashed up with CUJO which works but writer/director Paul Solet isn’t a wordsmith like Quentin Tarantino and with the amount of talking going on the film, it just wasn’t overly interesting. Much of this occurs during the first three quarters of the film but the finale really does payoff.

The cast was terrific and really do own their roles. We see far too often with big name actors working in these little indie films is their phone in performances. Not here, each of them do their character justice and actually elevate them from what was most likely on the page. Brody should still be headlining ‘A’ pictures with Culkin and Malkovich right behind him. Antonio Banderas has a small role in the BULLET HEAD and he steals quite a few scenes. This past year he has appeared in six DTV films including this one and I have to say I love what he’s been doing. While portions of the film move far too slowly, the payoff is worth the wait. It strives to be more than just a horror film by touching on important contemporary issues like animal cruelty and treating it with respect.