MOVIE REVIEW: Boppin at the Glue Factory (2009)

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Eric Labudde (Henry Dittman) is a registered nurse who just so happens to be in between jobs. While in his car, he takes the time to shoot himself up with his drug of choice, Dilaudid. While in the process, he accidentally hits an old man crossing the road. He learns the man is a patient at St. Joseph’s, a home for the elderly. Eric tosses the man in to his car and he heads there to return him. Once they arrive, he realizes the place could be an excellent opportunity for him to score more of his beloved drug. He’s quickly hired in and it’s not quite as easy as he was hoping. The man he hit, Tharin Sanders (Conrad Roberts) is doing well but he likes to try and sneak out any chance he gets. Eric catches him and the two sit down for a chat. Tharin is a retired jazz musician who loves to play his music loud. While the other patients complain, he knows Eric is nothing but a junkie who can function better than most people do sober. So he proposes a deal, he will supply Eric with his nighttime dose of Dilaudid if Eric will allow him to play his loud music, protect him from the other orderly Javier (Ski Carr), and a third term to be decided at a later date. While their arrangement appears to be a win-win for both, things quickly spiral out of control as duties are neglected, old folks start dying, and Eric grows far too confident in his position, setting himself up for a devastating fall.

BOPPIN AT THE GLUE FACTORY (aka JUNKIE NURSE) is quite an accomplished picture with some really top-notch performances. Co-writer/director Jeff Orgill has fashioned a little film which is both funny and thought provoking. Drugs suck and the truth is, there are millions of people out there who abuse various substances and are able to conceal it from those around them. I’ve seen it happen first had but in that case, it did not end well. This film is a much lighter look into how someone can manipulate those around him but it’s still relevant. Actor Henry Dittman is a perfect choice for Eric, he can switch from devious to sincere in the blink of an eye. His chemistry with Conrad Roberts is the driving force of the picture. While the character of Eric is basically self-serving, he does develop a very unconventional friendship and admiration for Tharin. I was waiting to see if the character ever breaks but he always keeps his cool, never losing his shit-eating grin. The dark humor may not be for everyone but it’s harmless enough for most. Orgill plays the events out pretty straight, only injecting some style during Eric’s trips to the bathroom in order to fill his veins with his liquid escape. BOPPIN AT THE GLUE FACTORY is currently available on Amazon Prime (among a few others) so there’s no excuse if you’re a member of this particular service, it’s well worth eighty or so minutes of your time. It’s a bizarre and wild ride told through the eyes of an expert conman and junkie who never forgets to smile.

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