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Eric Jacobus has been a YouTube star for many years now. He’s written and directed two feature films (CONTOUR aka THE AGENT and DEATH GRIP), appeared in THE ABC’S OF DEATH 2, and performed stunts on A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. He’s been cutting his teeth in the biz for a very long time and now needs to be his time. This guy is the real deal and he’s an action star ready to take the spotlight. Sadly, action films are nothing but superheroes and special effects these days with very few exceptions. The JOHN WICK films have proven there’s still an audience for 80’s or 90’s style action and Eric is one of those guys keeping the genre alive, albeit online. I very rarely review short films but if something comes along and blows my mind, then it’s my duty as a journalist to try bringing attention to something deserving of it and his latest short BLINDSIDED deserves your attention.

Walter (Eric Jacobus) is a mild-mannered blind man who just loves to eat fresh apple pie. After a milk mishap at home, he ventures out to a tiny market to get a few groceries and start over. The store owner Gordon (Roger Yuan) is an old friend but he has a problem when it comes to gambling. He has a dept to pay and some goons show up to collect for their boss. Realizing his friend is in trouble, Walter will have to think fast in order to save Gordon from their clutches.

The story is simple and fun, with a runtime of just over twelve minutes. This is the first time Clayton Barber (CREED) has stepped into the director’s chair and he handles the job with confidence and finesse. Eric is usually the one in the chair but this time he takes a step back. It all comes together so perfectly you will wonder why money isn’t being thrown at them to make features. As a team, Barber and Jacobus know exactly how to please an audience, always paying attention to every minor detail. The film is an obvious homage to movies like ZATOICHI and BLIND FURY while being fresh enough to stand on its own merits. The action scene is shot the way an action scene should be shot. No shaky camera or rapid editing, each frame captures the action in full, with the camera following along with it, and always complimenting it. Jacobus and his stunt team are keeping the spirit of Jackie Chan and his stunt teams’ work alive while still creating their own signature and destiny. You need to do yourself a favor and on March 1st, take twelve minutes out of your day to watch this amazing short film.

It will be streaming for free on YouTube so there’s no excuse.
Available to view on March 1st!

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