MOVIE REVIEW: Bed of the Dead (Fantasia Film Festival

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Despite the old saying, most of us will judge books by their covers. Or CDs, or food and even movies. Hell when it comes to genre flicks and the little promotion they get, most of us only have a cover (or whatever the VOD equivalent is) to go on. It’s not like we carry around a small magical box that has literally endless amounts of information on it that could give us everything we need to know about any movie in question… Maybe one day, but for now we go with what we have. So when you stumble on to a flick with a title like “Bed of the Dead” don’t be too quick to dismiss it because of a corny name. You just might end up passing on blood soaked good time.



2 couples (names aren’t important) arrive at an underground sex club/hotel for a night of “Guess Whose In My Mouth”. Apparently sex clubs like this exist and people visit them for random hook ups or whatever else you have in mind. Surprisingly, I have never been invited to one of these (can’t imagine why…) so I have to go on what the Internet tells me and believe these places exist and people actually go. Kind of like Trump Rallies, only you’re not getting screamed at by a small handed, orange monster. Any way our couples end up bribing their way into a room and after an orgy goes south (Don’t they all! Hey Oh!!) they end up crashing for the night on a king sized bed. As the movie is called Bed of the Dead we know the bed is cursed (or possessed or evil or whatever) and nothing good can come from this. Quickly the group figures out they cannot leave the bed without horribly awful things happening. Like ending up in orgy with your best friend. As long as you don’t make eye contact you can get through it…


Despite everything your body and mind is tell you do not judge Bed of the Dead by its title. Sure it’s a silly name for a movie about a bed that kills you, but director Jeff Maher plays it straight the whole time and actually makes the ‘Bed’ anything but silly. The bed luring its victims off the bed by playing with their past sins and memories makes this more than just a faceless body count. Maher playing with the timelines helps break up, what could have been, a premise that grew old fast. Although the subplot involving the officer investigating the bed could drag and felt a tad plodding, Maher handles all this well and keeps things flowing and the gore-a-flying! And really that’s all I can ask for!

Bed of the Dead is not trying to break new ground, but I first time director Jeff Maher isn’t going for that. His goal is fun fright flick filled with gore and scares and he delivers just that. The cast all does a descent enough job and the SFX are all top notch and when it comes to a movie called Bed of the Dead, you’ve already exceed mosts expectations.

Bed of the Dead of is currently playing the Fantasia Film Festival.