MOVIE REVIEW: Beacon Point

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Zoe (Rae Olivier) is anxious to be on her way when her friend shows up to drive her to a hiking expedition. At the same time, Trail Master Drake Jacobs (Jon Briddell) has been called into the office by his boss and the two men have a very serious disagreement. He decides to take out the next group on the planned expedition into the woods. The group begins to show up, Cheese (R.J. Shearer), Dan (Eric Goins), and Brian (Jason Burkey), ready to hit the trails. Drake begins to lead them out and things quickly get off to a bizarre start. He leads them away from the beaten path and the group begins to suspect that they’re not following the plan. Something is in the woods watching them, waiting to pounce on them the first opportunity they get, but what are they and what do they want? When day gives way to night, the darkness will swallow them whole.

BEACON POINT, written by Traci Carroll and Eric Blue (who also directed), is a suspenseful thriller loaded with very good performances and a story that works well but seems to falter a bit during the finale. The highlight for me was the gorgeous cinematography by Jim McKinney. He captures the beauty of the forest by day and the shear terror of the darkness. The movie opens with a rather compelling scene that sets the story into motion and it’s also the catalyst of much of the suspense. I was actually impressed with how the writers lay out little clues and hints to string the audience along. The acting was top notch and I have to say, Jon Briddell has a unique and interesting screen presence, I’m curious to see what’s next on his plate.

I appreciated the ending but for me personally, I found it to be a bit lackluster. It works for the picture but I just felt that something was missing. Eric Blue is a talented director and he hits every beat he aims for. He knows how to put together a cast that not only can embody their character but can also generate an energy and chemistry with one another. That’s never an easy feet and it should be noted. BEACON POINT delivers on the mystery and frights with some stunning photography, solid performances, and a strong script. The end never quite worked for me but the film is by no means a waste of time.