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The internet is an odd thing. You have the people that use it for entertainment purposes and social networking, then you have the people that are on it 8 hours a day and use it to make their voices loud and obnoxious. Then, there’s the majority that are BOTH those types of internet users…and they can sway the opinions of people that are ill-informed on something to either the positive or the negative. A good example would be the massive record amount of dislikes for the Ghostbusters reboot trailer, I’ll admit: I’m not the biggest fan of the remake/reboot for Ghostbusters considering I’m a HUGE Ghostbusters fan…but the internet comments and dislikes are a little out-there to be honest.

And such is the internet. Before this movie was released to the general public, it was screened for a handful of “professional critics” that bashed this film into the ground. Why?

Well, because it’s not a fun Marvel film with cute punny one-liners. That’s the bottom line. They can say “We’re huge Batman/Superman fans and this was very dull” but if your a professional critic that’s been watching nothing but fun, bright, kid-friendly superhero films for the past decade and then you go see a dark, serious superhero film that actually dives into moral and ethic themes…it’s basically throwing them into the deep end of the pool. And cynic Marvel fanboys have been running with these critical reviews to run this film through the mud before it’s release (and still currently doing so). Which is why a majority of everybody has been hearing “I heard the movie sucks bad.”

This isn’t Iron Man and Captain America sharing a drink in the Avenger’s headquarters trying to pick up Thor’s hammer for giggles. This film explores what it would be like if these guys existed in our world and what the consequences would be. You’d have the government trying to intervene, the public would be divided on if this world actually needs someone that’s invincible, and others that would try to run your name in the mud to benefit their own agenda/causes.

And Batman does use lethal force. He’s an older, jaded Batman. A comment I’ve seen said it perfectly: “ I’ve said this elsewhere, but this is the most realistic version of Batman since Keaton. Batman fights crime with logic and intellect. It’s just not believable that a character like that would not kill criminals, especially given the ineffectiveness of the justice system and ineptitude of Arkham asylum. But no, most writers have him putting the same murderers in prison over and over after they’ve repeatedly killed innocents. Batman might start off not wanting to kill, but he’d see that it’s the most logical way to protect innocent people is to permanently end the threat, This would be more true as he gets older and realizes that he won’t be able to do the job forever.”

I highly recommend this film, there are a LOT of references to things to come that are DC comic related, I’d go into spoiler territory here but I won’t until everybody has seen this film. Just know that this film is part of a lengthily plan for future films, and it’s going to be great.

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