MOVIE REVIEW: A Very Bad Idea Gone Wrong

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If you dig a movie that has a normal guy that’s hung up about his ex that finds his way out of it with a heist with his equally normal dude vibe buddy, you are going to like the movie, “A Bad Idea Gone Wrong”, from Red Entertainment.

There could be some spoilers ahead in this quick review of “A Bad Idea Gone Wrong”, so be careful ahead. This movie starts out in a cafe where we are introduced to a couple of normal looking, kinda geeky looking guys. Of course, one guy is kinda of a whiner and the other one is a kind of cooky, do whatever, possibly reckless in a fun way, kind of guy. They are discussing a heist. In a public place, and pretty damn loud about it. But, forget that, after some nods to ‘Pulp Fiction’ diner scene, they decide that they are going to get into a home that is in a gated community.

Leo, the whiner, knows a home that has valuable stuff and he knows how to get in the home. Of course the friend is all about it and devises this scheme to get in the gates with the help of a pizza delivery guy. They hide in the trunk of the delivery guy’s ride to get past the gates and get to the massive home. After getting in the door, with the help of a hide key rock, they realize that there is an alarm system that they didn’t account for. They don’t know the code and the friend tries to rely on a pattern and happens to arm the alarm system. Now, they cannot get out of the home without setting the alarm off. They are pretty much screwed.

After realizing this, the guys walk around the home to still try to find the code and some valuable things to steal. There are some pretty solid comedic moments and comments when going from room to room, the film takes time to make a point that the one friend loves a daily radio contest at 11:11 that he tries to win everyday and it seems that they are setting up some more antics these two can get into while they are trapped, then they find a lady sleeping. This unexpected house guest ends up being a person who likes to get into rich people’s homes when she knows they are gone and lives in them. We find this out after the guys fail hilariously by trying to wrap her up in a sheet with duct tape.

The house crasher, keeps changing her story and you know she is a master at not telling the truth, but she may know things that the guys don’t know about the owners of the house. Like where are the good stuff would be. They walk around looking for a safe that the lady is telling them about that has very valuable things in it, they find it, but they need a key.  As the search of the key continues, they stumble upon a kind of cheesy Niagara Falls lamp. Leo recognizes it right away and gets a bit choked up because, it’s the lamp he bought for his ex. Leo tells his friend that the reason why he knew how to get in the house is because it’s his ex’s that he hasn’t truly gotten over just yet.

The friend is pissed, but continues to look for a key. Leo and the house crasher drink wine and get into a rip roarin’ choke game that ends up in sex. Meanwhile, the friend has opened the safe and finds out that it’s stuff from Leo that the ex had put in a safe place. He realizes that the ex might not be truly over Leo either. The buddy tries to hide this information, but eventually it’s found out when they discover that the ex is coming back sooner than they thought. All this comes out because they are still looking for a code that will set them free from the house.

Leo thinks he is in tune with his ex and tries their anniversary date as the code, and he ends up setting off the alarm. Security shows up and Leo and the house crasher put on a performance and Leo claims he is the ex’s brother. Since he knows a ton about his ex, he does great by keeping up with the facts that the security officer is trying to trip him up with. During this, the buddy is hidden away in a closet, and he hears the 11:11 question come on the radio, he answers it correctly and is a winner if a ton of money. While watching this go down, I didn’t really understand why the 11:11 trivia question thing came into play. I know it’s a way to make them succesful and get a ton of money, but it still stuck out for no reason.

After the security officer is on his way out the door, and you think everything is rapping nicely and these guys are going to come out of this alright, the officer asks him what the safe word is. After a tense moment, Leo still realizes that he knows his ex and says, “Niagara”. He’s right and they get the hell outta’ there. But, not without the Niagara Falls lamp which Leo grabs on his way out.

All three end up back at the diner with the lamp and a check from millions from the 11:11 radio trivia question and you get the sence that Leo is finally over his ex. Everyone’s happy and they don’t have to worry about a thing.

I thought that the movie was pretty good, and entertaining in some spots. A great way to spend a Friday night eating pizza with your buddies. There were a few laughs and good storytelling, but I would say that it’s not really anything that sticks in your mind as a ‘must see’. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it is very easily forgettable. But, if you do some across it, and you have about 90 minutes to kill, you won’t be mad.