MOVIE REVIEW: The B.C. Butcher

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Kansas Bowling was just seventeen when she assemebled her crew and ventured out to make her first feature film, B.C. BUTCHER. It’s being billed as “the first prehistoric slasher” and there’s no doubt in my mind the statement is correct. Filled with drive and ambition, this young lady has captured the attention of Uncle Lloyd Kaufman and her film is about to be unleashed upon the world, courtesy of Troma. Now, the question you’re probably asking yourself is if it’s any good. The answer to that question will be totally up to what your personal tastes might be but this guy fucking loved it.

Neandra (Leilani Fideler) is the leader of a group of cavewomen. When she discovers one of them has been making a play at her man Rex (Kato Kaelin, yes, THAT Kato Kaelin), she rips her guts out to the delight of the rest of her tribe. After they leave the corpse, the Butcher (Dwayne Johnson, NOT that Dwayne Johnson) finds the body and falls in love. He feels the need growing inside him that needs to have his revenge. He then quicklys sets out to kill off the women in the tribe, one by one.

The age of Kansas had me intrigued but it’s her sense of humor and inspiration that has gripped me. Her influences are on display throughout the film and it runs the gammit of entertainment. There’s some very funny dialogue and Kato Kaelin is hysterical. I’ve always thought the dude was funny and he’s still cracking me up. The young cast of beautiful and talented women are fantastic. They’re all in on the joke and play it just right. I also appreciate the use of music in the film, the majority of which was contributed by rock/punk trio The Ugly Kids (who also appear in the film playing watermelon instruments). The film is pretty tame as far as Troma product goes (it could almost pass for PG-13) but there’s just enough blood and intestines to satisfy. With a small amount of cash, Kansas has created a highly entertaining film, one that just tries to have fun and you can’t bag on that. I also appreciated the “In Memory Of” during the final credits. One of my all-time favorite bands was The Ramones and two of my favorite shows were The Young Ones and Bottom. So to see props being given to the memory of Tommy Ramone and Rik Mayall made me very happy. It’s a brilliant idea to combine a beach party film with a slasher set in prehistoric times. Kansas Bowling is a fascinating lady and I’ll be looking forward to her next project, she has real talent and vision.

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