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The joy I get out of delivering a knuckle sandwich firmly to my young brothers groin can only be match by pizza or oral sex. I’m sure it doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to deduce this one down. The true beauty of this carnal attack is I know that, receded testicle aside, there are no true consequences. How many people can you slap in the nads during Thanksgiving dinner and know that you’ll still get that 25$ Walmart gift card come Christmas? Not many and that’s the true beauty of brothers. Todd Sklar has finally been able to capture this bizarre brotherly connection and showcase it in all it’s fist-to-the-nutsack glory.

Having to deliver the news of a loved ones passing is never an easy task. Jim (James Pumphrey) has to do so after finding his brother Dave (Alex Rennie) passed out, naked in a wigwam. A $150 bride (Yes,Dave is the type of man who has to paid to go to his own father’s burial) later the two are heading to Minnesota to attend the funeral of their father. A spur of the moment drinking contest that turns into a fist fight (a scene that had me laughing till my sides hurt) leads to the boys taking a road trip to Branson, MO to collect their inheritance, a summer home, they plan on selling and splitting the profits. As you can expect the house is a shit hole and the brothers decided to stick around and fix the place up themselves.

As you can imagine our duo find themselves in a slew of batshit crazy situations, most of which are a result of Dave erratic and drunken decisions. Russian mobsters, prostitutes, police and enough drunken fights to make an Irish family from Boston cringe.  Sklar made a choice early that laughs trump plot and stays the course. An off the wall police interrogation scene may not make much sense if you think on it to long, but trust me when I say you might be laughing to hard to notice.

It’s impossible to not compare Rennie’s performance to Charlie Day (Always Sunny In Philadelphia), but if your going for a “drunk man child” might as well take from the best. Honestly, Rennie lands most of the laughs and Sklar paces the movie well enough that it never once becomes distracting. Rennie and Pumphrey have a seamless banter that feels natural. It almost has “Duplass” feel to it, but don’t worry this a straight comedy, none of that arty mumblecore crap here. Todd Sklar understands that seeing a man get kicked in the nuts is funny and I’m pleased as a pig in crap that he reminded me.

Jim and Dave are in a constant duel of one-upmanship. A duel that never seems to end and always escalates to violence. The duel only pauses when they two have beaten each other to a state of exhaustion. If you have siblings you might understand this exhaustion better than those who don’t. It’s in this exhaustion when reasoning is able to prevail and the brothers can agree. Fortunately for the viewer, Jim and Dave don’t stay exhausted for long.

Awful Nice is the funniest flick I’ve seen in a long time. Is it a perfect movie? No, but when you got me laughing this hard, who the hell cares?

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