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Well respected mercenary Stoker (Fred Williamson) has brought in seven of the best money can buy for a mysterious mission in Germany. They all meet at an abandoned mining complex in Chernobyl to discuss the conditions of this job. They’re not there for long when they find themselves surrounded by HAZMAT suit wearing thugs who are heavily armed and ready to storm the building. The ragtag group of mercs are surrounded with nowhere to go, all they have are their skills which will come in handy when they have to fight off every single one of them. They might be outnumbered but quitting isn’t and option and they won’t give up until every last one is dead and they complete the mysterious mission.

ATOMIC EDEN is a film that delivers exactly what is expected, nothing more or nothing less. It proudly displays it’s B-movie roots on it’s sleeve and takes off running. Even though the majority of actors are relative unknowns, there are a few familiar faces who will most certainly attract an audience. German martial arts star on the rise Mike Moller could easily become the next big thing. His fight choreography is nothing short of stellar and helps to set ATOMIC EDEN apart from the rest of the pack. Even though his role is more like an extended cameo, DTV superstar Lorenzo Lamas reminds us just how solid of an actor he truly is. If you’re anything like me, then the presence of Fred “The Hammer” Williamson should be all you need to make this film essential viewing. After spending years it seems in small parts or doing cameos, Williamson is front and center and even well into his seventies, there’s no question that he could still kick your ass.

The rest of the cast does very well in their respective roles. Each character on the team has their own specialty which is always fun. When they all work together, each person actually needs to be there and are an important part in fulfilling their plan. The lesser known actors are obviously having fun hamming it up in the film and who wouldn’t. Everett Ray Aponte, Dominik Starck, Josephine Hies, Nico Sentner (who also co-wrote and directed), Wolfgang Riehm (who is fantastic), and Hazuki Kato (a beautiful badass) give the picture personality and diversity. The film is tight, action-packed, and a damn good time.

It can sometimes be easy for critics to rip a B-movie apart for whatever reason. The fact is, B-movies are supposed to be fun. B grade action films are supposed to deliver the action. Nico Sentner’s ATOMIC EDEN delivers both and in spades. Let loose and have a good time with this thrilling new entry in the B-Action film pantheon.

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