MOVIE REVIEW: 100 Bloody Acres

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There is something almost natural about horror and comedy. Almost like peanut butter and pretzels. At first, the concept seems bizarre and foreign. How could watching people getting ripped apart or mutilated ever be funny? Granted it not only takes an audience with a sick sense of humor but also takes a disciplined director to walk that fine line between laughs and scares. In the case of 100 Bloody Acres, we get a set of directors that take a whack at the horror/comedy world.

The Morgan Brother’s organic fertilizer business has see better times. In an attempt to subsidize product they (naturally) grind up humans in their product. These guys aren’t really murderers. The bodies they use are accident victims courtesy of a local stretch of country highway. Yeah, gruesome I know, but with humans being the secret ingredient to the top selling product you can understand the dilemma. To make matters worse, younger brother Reg (Damon Herriman) has picked up 3 stranded concert goers in an attempt to give a recent order by a big client a little kick and to impress his bully of an older brother, Lindsay (Angus Sampson), by showing he has initiative. Things only get worse when Reg starts to develop feelings for one of the captives, Sophie ( Anna McGahan).

Okay, the set up sounds like every 5 dollar bin horror flick out there, but the Cairnes just use it as a jumping off point. Reg, at first, comes across as a dim witted lackey for Lindsay and rightfully so. As the plot progresses we see Reg’s loyalty waver as Lindsay becomes more unhinged by discovering that grinding the bodies while the heart is still pumping produces a higher potassium level ( I don’t have much of a green thumb, but apparently that’s a good thing). When the shift from bad to good happens with Reg, it’s does so in such a sympathetic matter we forget that the reason these 3 captives are in this mess is solely Reg’s fault.

Most of the violence is done at the hand of Lindsay (Angus Sampson). A hulking, brute of a man whose forceful and demanding grip on Reg is the driving force of the movie. His motives for killing are completely understandable. Maybe not morally sound, but understandable. He’s not a pyscho … he’s a small business owner! The special effects are top notch and nothing is over done. Considering the nature of the movie this could have happened easily. Thankfully, the Cairnes showed restraint and played a perfect amount of gore.

Directors Cameron and Colin Cairnes have successfully made me laugh at some one being forced through a meat grinder. Granted I have a disturbingly sick sense of humor, but I wasn’t the only one in the theater chuckling at that scene. While the movie does have it’s share of gore ( the aforementioned meat grinder is only the tip of the iceberg) the movie does not rely on cheap gags and slinging gore to move the film along. While the laughs almost always hit the mark the Cairnes never once let the jokes go silly. They have created a world filled with real characters in absurd situations and the humor flows freely. When James (Sophie’s boyfriend) is hanging upside down being prepared to become fertilizer he is more concerned with the recent revelation of infidelity than his own impending doom. The Cairnes work this bit with a finesse that makes it so you can understand James’ point of view- as weird as it may be. I’ve been waiting for a horror/comedy like this since Shaun of the Dead.

100 Bloody Acres gets released June 28th everywhere!



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