MOVIE REVIEW: Matt’s Chance

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Matt’s Chance is nothing like you might expect it to be. When you see the cast list, some may turn their noses or laugh it off. I’m here to tell you it would be a disservice to do so. Writer/Director Nicholas Gyeney brings a darkly comic tale of love and revenge to the screen, trusting his characters in the hands of actors like Margot Kidder, Lee Majors, Gary Busey, and Edward Furlong. There’s something many people may forget since they’re blinded by their tabloid shenanigans is the fact these people were, are, and will always be great performers. They’re all fantastic in this little film that may fly under the radar but well worth the effort to seek out.

Matt’s (Edward Furlong) life is on a downward spiral. One event after another seems to lead him to a very dark place. It all starts when he walks in on his pregnant fiancé screwing another guy. He’s left with nothing, so off he goes until he meets an Eastern European Businessman who hires him to be a bunny rabbit for a child’s birthday. When the job doesn’t go quite as planned, Gabor (Bill Sorice) tries to cheer the depressed young man up by introducing him to an aging stripper full of good advice. Matt takes her words to heart and tries to move on but an opportunity arises he feels he must capitalize on but it’s not a good idea.

This movie proves one important thing many of us may have dismissed in favor of tabloid fodder, Edward Furlong is a damn fine actor. He nails this character with ease and it’s great to have him back in a role where he can remind us he’s still passionate about his craft. Nicholas Gyeney is quite the talented filmmaker, he has a vision and isn’t afraid to experiment while mixing genres to keep things fresh. Veteran actors like Lee Majors, Gary Busey, and Margot Kidder deliver memorable moments, especially Kidder who gives a very sincere and moving monologue to Furlong’s character. Bill Sorice and Edi Zanidache (who also co-wrote) shine in their respective roles. The movie is funny without trying too hard and surprising since we’re never really sure where it will go from moment to moment. Matt’s Chance may not be for everyone but it shouldn’t be overlooked. A very entertaining film and a performance by Furlong which should put him back on the map.