Motor City Nightmares: Interview With Star of The Shower, Adam Karell

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At the very first glance Adam Karell is a handsome son of a bitch. The kind of handsome that makes guys mad and jealous thinking that dude doesn’t have to work hard in life. And nothing could be father from the truth.  Well, I mean he is drop dead handsome, but Adam is a talented actor who (most likely, I’ve never seen him on set. He could be a lazy S.O.B. I’m going to drop a line to Alex Drummond and find out…..) works hard at it. Adam a born and raised Michigander has come home for the screening of his latest film The Shower (directed by Alex Drummond ) at Motor city Nightmares in Novi  Michigan.  He sat down with Slack Jaw Punks right after the screening for an interview  and you can see his Midwestern sensibilities, humor and just all around nice guy shine through.

SJP: Adam you’re from Michigan, you left how long ago?

AK: I am born and raised. I left 12 years ago.

SJP: You came back a big fucking star! How does it feel man?

AK: It feels good. I was disappointed; I was disappointed with the amount of entourage I brought with me.

SJP: What are you talking about? Half of this damn convention is your family.

AK: Yeah well they are family; they have to be my entourage.  I ended up majoring in theater at Kalamazoo College and then packed up my car with my brother and he helped me drive across country and struggle for a while. And I’ve been working four years making my living as an actor mostly commercials an occasional TV spot and a movie.

SJP: How did you meet Alex [Drummond writer/director of Thew Shower]?

AK:  We were working in a restaurant doing our survival job.

SJP: Ah I was hoping you meet in a truck stop bathroom.

AK: No that’s how we got to know each other! We meet at the restaurant. That was our survival job I actual met my wife there! And like Alex said he was tired of waiting; there’s always this symbolism of being a waiter and being an actor because you’re also waiting for auditions, roles for whatever and especially now with technology being as it is you got to make your own. I made a sketch group online we do a lot of online stuff.

SJP: What its name man?

AK: or we have a lot of comedy sketches there. We are also an improve team and travel the country and perform at improve festivals. So Alex was like I’m going to make a movie and he wrote me a part which was awesome.

SJP: Your character in The Shower is a “Right Winger”. Are you a conservative in real life?

AK: (Laughing) I am not .

SJP: So you did not vote for Reagan?

AK: Well I wasn’t old enough and  I went to a liberal arts college and it’s made me a bleeding heart liberal. (At this point in the interview we are taking by surprise because John Kassir the voice actor who does the crypt keepers voice comes over the P.A. in the crypt keepers voice to inform people of a movie showing at the film festival) And so I think for the people who know me that’s even funnier. Alex made the movie, we crowd sourced the funds. We didn’t do it from kick starter it was pretty much through Facebook and begging people for it. Its happening more and more almost every day on my Facebook feed somebody’s asking for money. Because, realistically if you can get five to ten grand you can make something you know.

SJP:  In some cases you don’t even need that anymore.

AK:  Yeah it depends on the scale and location, we were lucky enough to get that location for free.  The girl who played my wife Stephanie, her family owns that house and were months away from doing a remodel so it was empty. She was living somewhere else and so we gave her a part and got the house for free.

SJP: You’re great in this movie man. You cracked me up during the whole thing. I was watching this and was like this dude isn’t that uptight no way, no way man.

AK: Well thank you. Well Alex [Drummond] threw me a lot of the funny lines

SJP:  It was all Alex? Come on dude don’t give him all the credit.

AK: Well behind any good comedy scene is good writing you know?  What was fun was while shooting it I realized that my character would just sit back and relax and say the funny line at the end. So I was thinking I’m going to come out pretty funny in this.

SJP: You do stand out . It’s all in your timing. Good writing is good writing but it’s all in your timing. You started the screening out with a great little anecdote about the film. Do you want to talk about it?

AK: Yeah so we are shooting for nine days and on day eight Rachel Alex’s wife, her water broke in the makeup chair. I wasn’t on set yet but this is how I was told it went down. The makeup girl ran out, Alex was in the backyard setting up a shot and she came running up and all she said was the water broke. And Alex thought a pipe broke in the house broke and I guess he looked at her all weird and she realized that he wasn’t getting it so she was like no, no Rachel’s water broke. I guess he took a step forward probably thinking my wife, then took a step back and though my movie then a step forward my wife, step back my movie. Then he turned to the A.D. and said you guys take care of it I got to go. He left and we kept shooting. Just a lot of b roll coverage stuff and couple other scenes then production shut down obviously. Then the next week I was getting married so the whole family was coming into town. Then my wife and I left for Hawaii for 12 days on our honeymoon and every morning on our honeymoon I put on spf 50. Because I can’t come back tan.

SJP: Yeah, you can’t come back a golden bronze.

AK:  It would be really weird if all of a sudden Edmund got really tan in between scenes (laughing)!

SJP: Yeah he was lying in front of the window. You guys could’ve made that a whole new scene.

AK: Yeah, he looks a little tan? A couple more days. Then there was an occasion as we where cutting it together oh we need a shot of this; like people running down the street, people like covered in blood and stuff like all those great little scenes because the first cut didn’t have that and what a difference it made it helps move it along

SJP:  The editing, I don’t know who did it but it was beautiful.

AK: Thank you. Someone took the first pass than Alex finished it up. It was less and less time each time . It’s important I think that less is more when you’re shooting on low-budget.

SJP: All the jokes hit all the scares hit and right at the end you had to toss the Oscar scene with the dad and the son, I almost cried was like what the hell is this? You can’t go the whole spectrum man come on.

AK:  That’s what I love about it. You care about the characters even though there’s like 15 characters, that’s a lot for a movie, the shirtless guy is one of my best friends he’s the godfather of my daughter. He dies twenty minutes into it your like NOOOO! You cared about him. And that’s so him too.

SJP:  He was hilarious. I was dying the whole time.  The whole rub the sun tan lotion on me was so uncomfortably great. It was beautiful.

AK: “Use two hands bro.” (laughing)

SJP:Like I said I meet you guys yesterday and I was like I really like these dudes I’m really going to hate to slam their movie. But I’m so glad I don’t have to!

AK: (Laughing), yeah being here yesterday I was like oh man!this isn’t a hardcore horror flim. I hope they don’t think this is super horror.

SJP: (Laughing) no its perfect. It’s hilarious. Now you leave it kind of on a cliff hanger there, any chances of a sequel?

AK:  Well that’s what my father in law asked me almost every week.  You guys should make a sequel. And I was like why don’t you give me some money? And we will make a sequel. (Laughing) and except I’m dead…opps oh spoiler alert.

SJP: We can bring you back. Maybe shave your head or grow a brig beard or get that tan you’re talking about. We will work it in.

AK: I’m his twin brother, Edmunds liberal twin brother. We are writing the movie right now!

SJP: Go on Alex we got this. (Alex is standing right next the broadcast booth taking pictures). It was really great guys I really enjoyed it.