Motor City Nightmares: Interview: Scare Bears Creator Jay Langley

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With Motor City Nightmares being our first convention we weren’t sure who our neighbors were going to be.  Kiddie corner from our table was this table that had some pretty gruesome looking stuffed animals on it. It was the Scare Bears booth.  We wanted to get Jay to come over since day one.  Which was going to be harder then I thought.  All weekend there was a steady group of four to five people at his table at all times. I’m sure Jay didn’t want to come over and sit with three fat guys that just got done eating a #5 from Jimmy Johns with extra onions. Finally we were able to get him to sit down and talk with us. We did promise not to touch him though and some other things we can’t discuss here. Hey what goes on at Motor City Nightmares stays at Motor City Nightmares. Here is what he had to say about his creation Scare Bears.

SJP: How did you come up with the idea for Scare bears?

Jay Langley: The idea actually came to me four years ago. My daughter was being terrorized by her little brother. He kept beating her with his teddy bear. One day she came to me with it and said dad can you do something with this. So that’s how Scare bears was born.

SJP: How long have you been making Scare Bears?

Jay Langley: I’ve been making them for four years. But, I’ve been publicly selling them for over a year.

SJP: How long does it take you to make a Scare Bear?

Jay Langley: It depends. The Oderus Urungus tribute bear I made took me two days. The more cookie cutter bears only take me a few hours. Usually the price on my bears is reflected by how much time I’ve spent designing them.

SJP: What Scare Bear took you the longest to make?

Jay Langley: I did a The Thing Scare Bear. The upside down head with the legs coming out of it.

SJP: That is awesome.

Jay Langley: If anybody ever asked me to make another one just like it I would tell them to go fuck themselves. It really was a pain in the neck to make. I don’t like replicating custom orders though because that person had their own unique thing. So if you order something custom you can count on having the only one like that.

SJP: How do you pick what Scare Bears you do replicate?

Jay Langley: My wife she usually tells me what people like and I’m like I hate making them. She tells me so what if you hate making them people like them. The peek a boo bear that peels its face off someone went viral with it. I didn’t even know what that meant someone had to explain it to me. Ever since then though people want those and I don’t enjoy making them. I have to make them all exactly the same because if I don’t they don’t work.

SJP: Any good Scare Bear stories to share?

Jay Langley: Actually someone just bought one from me and is going to use it to propose to his girlfriend. I actually got chased by Machete for my Scare Bears. Danny Trejo chased me down to find out where he could get one. He insisted that I pick up my phone and record him working the Scare Bears booth. If you go to YouTube you can see it. My very first convention was here last year and Michael Rooker walked by the booth four times and finally said “what the fuck are these?” I said take anyone you like but I am going to use your image to sell these.  He was like okay fine and took one. I ran into him last month at horror hound and he still remembered me, he is a very cool guy.


SJP: Did Danny Trejo want a Scare Bear?

Jay Langley: Yeah he actually has two of them. I believe he gave them both to his daughter or maybe he sleeps with them.

SJP: Where can people go to get their very own Scare Bear?

Jay Langley: which will direct to my Facebook page. All my Scare Bears on the site are sold out but the best way to contact me to get one is through my Facebook. You can also buy them at Wonder World Comics in Taylor, Michigan. They are the only store in Michigan that carries them.



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